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Craft / DIY

ZARGES. Innovationen für das Handwerk. ZARGES – Ausrüster des Handwerks. Steigen. Transportieren, Verpacken.

ZARGES - Supplier of craftsmen.

The ZARGES range for craftsmen. Innovations for craftsmen.

For over 80 years, the ZARGES brand has stood for top-notch quality, comprehensive service, and a continuous desire to innovate. ZARGES products made from sustainable aluminium are reliable and long-lasting, and meet the toughest quality requirements.

Our product development is focused on your needs and requirements. As an innovation leader, we are continuously improving our products and creating solutions for your benefit. ZARGES is your reliable partner offering excellent advisory and other services – before, during and after purchase.

It is with great pride that we present our innovations to you.

Packing & transporting

Optimum packing, transportation and storage – the wide range has the right ZARGES crate for any application. Thanks to the diverse range of interior equipment and mobility solutions and an extensive range of accessories, make a ZARGES crate to your own – a tailor-made and indestructible companion.

"ZARGES Crates –
made by professionals for professionals."

Whether for assembly work, packing, storage solutions, transportation, organization or protection: You will always find the best solution at ZARGES. We offer you well-established, sophisticated and practical products with the level of quality and value needed in professional work.

Besides that there is also an extensive range of accessories for unlimited requirements. Quick availability and seamless spare parts supply, we also ensure none of your precious work time goes to waste.



ZARGES Handwerk Elektriker Leiter Eurobox
ZARGES Handwerk Maler Gerüst Fahrgerüst


The perfect product for every use: Ladders and mobile scaffold towers from the extensive ZARGES range. During day-to-day work you can rely on quality and the longevity of our products for sure. Discover the range of products and find the right tool for working efficiently and safely at heights.

"ZARGES ladders, collapsible scaffolds & area work platforms – The classics for a safe route to the top."

Ladders are the classic climbing gear. They are quickly made available for use, light, and have compact dimensions. The range of different ladder types, collapsible scaffolds and area work platforms is so large that the best solution exists for every purpose to offer maximum security.

Ladders are particularly suited for reaching up to a higher workplace or for performing quick jobs such as changing a light bulb, taking measurements or performing alignments, or tightening/undoing attachments.

ZARGES mobile scaffold towers are always the best solution for jobs which require longer where setting up a stationary scaffold would not be worth the effort. Because: They are easy to install and can easily be moved from one place to another with their built-in castors and offer a safe and comfortable work place.

ZARGES Craftsman catalogue (German)

The complete ZARGES range for craftsmen. Everything you need for access equipment, packing and transportation.

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