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Fixed ladders


Fixed ladders – firmly installed safety. (3D-Darstellung)

Fixed ladders – firmly installed safety.

ZARGES fixed ladders offer an inexpensive solution for emergency ladder systems, access to machinery and plants and other permanent means of access for building maintenance. All components are from a single source, are optimally matched and yet still allow individual adjustment to the specific application and the on-site requirements. Quick and easy assembly on site helps to make them so cost-effective!
The product range includes a wide selection of single parts which can be combined to create the optimum solution for your application. As regards materials, you can choose from galvanised steel, natural aluminium, anodised aluminium or V4A stainless steel. A corresponding fall arrester system rounds off the system.
All components are tested to the current national and international standards (DIN 18 799-1, DIN 14 094-1, DIN EN ISO 14 122 and EN 353-1) and have a test certificate for all materials.
Moreover, ZARGES now provides verification that its fixed ladders are designed and fabricated in accordance with the specifications of DIN EN 1090, which came into force on 1 July 2014.
Our online-based planning system makes the planning of vertical ladder systems particularly easy. Here, you can enter all relevant information, and the optimum solution is drafted in accordance with all industrial standards and regulations. Visual representation is created via a 3D-view with real-time adjustment. And of course, the ZARGES team of experts are also available to answer any queries personally.