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Tailored work platforms for injection moulding machines

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The customer

For ten years Werner Degle Kunststofftechnik on the outskirts of Hohenpeissenberg has been producing high-quality and sturdy plastic containers for packaging and transport. The comprehensive and innovative product portfolio ranges from the small transport box to the megabox with the basic dimensions of a Europallet. In highly modern installations the plastic granulate is first liquefied by heating to approx. 220°C and dyed the desired colour. Then it is injected into metal moulds and rapidly cooled so that the plastic becomes solid.
Around 40 staff at Werner Degle Kunststofftechnik in several halls are employed to further process the plastic parts and boxes which the machines spit out at almost one-second intervals and prepare them for dispatch.

The solution

ZARGES produced - in close coordination with the local specialist dealer, the company Sartory in Peissenberg - for the two injection moulding machines tailored work platforms which, firstly, facilitate access to the installation's controls and essential components and which, secondly, are arranged in such a way as to shorten the walking routes for the staff.
Both work platforms each have two means of access with hard-wearing, non-slip steps. The work platforms measuring around 6 and 8 metres in length also have ribbed surfaces to cater for the use of oil and the heavy accumulation of dust in the hall. Peripheral railings and special access guards provide additional safety when working.
The work platforms were assembled from standard elements from ZARGES industrial equipment in such a way that they are optimally adapted to the on-site conditions. It was extremely easy to assemble the aluminium elements thanks to standardised connections and lightweight components.

The work platforms measuring around 6 and 8 metres in length each with two means of access have hard-wearing, non-slip steps.

Peripheral railings and special access guards provide additional safety when working.

Technical particulars

The work platforms used at Werner Degle Kunststofftechnik come from ZARGES industrial equipment. As with a construction kit, standard components are put together to produce tailored work platforms, landing platforms and bridging steps. This process enables the product in question to be optimally adapted to the on-site conditions without any problems.
Particular attention was directed to the surfaces of the Degle work platforms. In production large amounts of oil are used on the injection moulds. Also very fine dust is created during production. This dangerous mixture settles everywhere and creates a high risk of slipping. For this reason ribbed surfaces were chosen for the work platforms and steps to minimise the slipping risk.

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