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Terminal II Munich Airport

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The Customer

ABB Gebäudetechnik GmbH, a company with its headquarters in Mannheim, is one of a number of members of the international ABB Group employing 105 000 people in around 100 countries. ABB is one of the leading world suppliers in the energy and automation technology sector.

The core competency of ABB Gebäudetechnik lies in its project-related system solutions, from the planning stage right to the end of the service life cycle of a building or a property. In addition to work in the mechanical, safety and automation sectors, the company’s activities also comprise the provision of electro-technical services.

One of the features for which ABB Gebäudetechnik is responsible is the servicing and maintenance of the lights that illuminate the terminal apron at Munich Airport Terminal II.

The Task

The spots that make up the apron lighting, each of which weights 15 kilograms, are mounted on robust steel masts at a height of 22 metres. The total area they illuminate is bigger than three football pitches.
The people who work on the apron at night are utterly dependent on these lights – and this means that, if a fault is ascertained, there is no time to be lost. 24 working platforms above the gates make it possible to access the lighting elements, each of which consists of ten spots at different levels. For repair and maintenance work, the elements can be let down so that they are at platform level.

In this way the eight lower spots can be reached by the engineers without any problems. However, when it came to the pair at the higher level a special solution was called for. Safety is paramount at this precision workstation – it couldn’t be done using a simple stepladder.

The Solution

The development engineers at ZARGES Access Technology considered a variety of special products. But in the end they decided that they already had the right product in the ZARGES range in the shape of the AMA modular sub-platform. The result of this was that a tricky problem was solved quickly and easily.

The modular structure of the AMA System meant that it was possible to tailor the sub-platform to cater for the requirements at Munich Airport:

A 5-level telescopic sub-platform system with two subsequent steps, each at the same height, on which the electricians can work – secure in the knowledge that they are safe, thanks to the peripheral rail. In addition, the aluminium sub-platform system has been fitted with two support sections which can be used for screwing it firmly down on the main platform.

To enable the electricians to work quickly and efficiently, a fully equipped AMA sub-platform is sited in each gate and all that is subsequently required is to anchor it to the platform. Because the sub-platform is not very heavy it can be transported by two men through the door and on to the platform without any problems.