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Product pioneer for access equipment

Resource Center

In the ZARGES resource center you can find all relevant information about our products (eg: ladders, scaffolds, boxes & cases).

No matter if you are looking for a Download, Case Study, video or product information: the different filter options help you find all the information you need - and in case you don't find what you are looking for, simply contact our customer service.

Find your ideal product with the new ZARGES-Product pioneer for access equipment.

What is the equipment to be used for? Analyze your demands and find your ideal access technology product with only one click on the table:

Access to a workplace
The access equipment is merely a connecting link between your starting point (the ground) and a workplace situated high up.
Workplace on the access equipment
Work is carried out over longer periods on the access equipment.
Examples of applications
Use as a mobile acces Use as a fixed access Bridging great differences in height Use as a fixed escape and rescue route
Short-term work at great height Long-term work at great height Working at height with frequent changes of location Work at great height requiring several persons Work at great height with material or equipment

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= ideally suited = suitable