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Safety and more

Safety & more - vital information on the subject of risk assessment

Compiled for you by ZARGES and the Accident Prevention & Insurance Association

If you are going aloft, there is one thing you mustn’t overlook: your own safety
Any high level work can be made safer by observing a few basic precepts and precautions.

Together with the Accident Prevention and Insurance Associations, represented by the Construction Services Technical Committee (FABE), we would like to give you an overview of how you can, in just a few steps, analyse a possible hazard and select the right item of access equipment for any application. All this, of course, on the basis of statutory legislation.

Any (even short-term) usage of an aid to access is governed by a single simple principle: safety first! For this reason, we need to undertake an analysis at the correct time to establish any possible hazards that may exist.

This isn’t just a matter of common sense but is also required by legislation [see below]. They call this prescribed procedure ‘risk assessment’. 

The aim is clear and straightforward: to achieve the highest possible degree of safety for staff deployed on a high level Workstation through the selection of an appropriate item of access equipment.

The responsibility for direct risk assessment lies with the employer and his senior managers. In the final analysis it is they who are most familiar with the deployment site.

At the same time, both the working materials and the nature of the activity as well as, of course, the relevant environment must be taken into consideration.


  • BetrSichV - Workplace Safety Regulations
  • BGV D 36 - Accident Prevention Standard “Ladders and Steps”
  • BGI 637 - BG Information – “Platform Ladders"
  • ArbSchG - Health and Safety at Work Act
  • DIN EN 131 - Ladders
  • DIN EN 14183 - Step stools
  • DIN EN 1004 - Mobile work platforms
  • DIN EN 280 - Mobile aerial work platforms
  • DIN EN ISO 14122 - Permanent means of access to machinery

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