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Complete solution for wind tower internals

ZARGES Complete solution for wind tower internals

Complete Solutions for Wind-Tower Internals

Wind Power Plants (WPP) and Wind Turbines (WT) are cornerstones for the production of renewable energy. High-performance systems for the generation of wind power and wind farms will become ever more prevalent in our daily lives. This is why it is that much more important to implement these systems for the long-term and with the right partner.

ZARGES/ZARGES Aluminium Systeme is the leading system supplier for complete wind-tower internals for the wind power industry - including assembly and commissioning. No matter whether one or one hundred wind towers, with ZARGES/ZARGES Aluminium Systeme you have found the right partner for the interior of your wind turbines.



    All our components for wind-tower interiors

    We can also deliver components of critical tower interior assemblies.

    ZARGES wind-tower service lift

    Service lifts

    • Ladder-guided and therefore especially safe
    • NCV (Normal Climate Version) or CCV (Cold Climate Version)
    • Easy access through roller shutter
    • Emergency access from top and bottom
    • Easy maintenance
    • Risk assessment pursuant to EN ISO 12100 and EN ISO 13849 Part 1 and Part 2 for safety-related components of the control system
    • Certified and approved according to Machinery Directive 2006-42-EG and EN 1808!

    Tower internals

    Delivery times are becoming ever more important. Late deliveries is can become costly. ZARGES/ZARGES Aluminium Systeme holds itself and its global supply partners to high standards when it comes to the quality of delivery and reliability. You too can benefit from these standards!

    We implement your requirements. Guaranteeing you the reliability that you expect from your suppliers.

    Everything from a single source
    This philosophy is gaining popularity worldwide. No longer must your team deal with multiple suppliers, but instead has time for more pressing things. Leave it to us to correspond with the several hundreds of suppliers and let us deliver a completely configured tower interior.

    ZARGES tower internals Everything from a single source
    ZARGES wind-tower vertical ladder systems
    ZARGES wind-tower vertical ladder systems

    Vertical ladder systems

    • Attractive riser solutions for your wind turbine
    • Own quality assurance by the TÜV-Süd
    • Different holm sizes (e.g. 62.5 x 25 and 73.0 x 25 mm)
    • 4x crimp and low clearance make for a particularly long service life
    ZARGES wind-tower tower door
    ZARGES wind-tower tower door

    Tower doors

    • High-quality profile construction
    • Individual tower doors according to your specifications
    • Standard panic locks
    • With or without adapter for converter ventilation
    ZARGES wind-tower access stairs
    ZARGES wind-tower access stairs

    Access stairs

    • Individual access options according to your specifications
    • Economical thanks to individual ZARGES/ZARGES Aluminium Systeme products
    • Durable, water-resistant aluminium construction with a long service life
    • Highest safety standards meeting all standards and regulations (DIN EN 80308, ISO 14122 T3 and DIN 18800 T1+T2)



    ZARGES GmbH service-lifts model series TBA 6000-3 und 6000-5 with wire rope hoists UpPro S™ und gripper UpSafe OSL™ from DualLift GmbH.

    Pre-Use Video for implementing of necessary tests before every working daily use of service-lifts with components from DualLift.

    ZARGES GmbH service-lifts model series TBA 6000-2 und 6000-3 with wire rope hoists TIRAK™ und gripper BSO™ from Tractel Greifzug GmbH.

    Pre-Use Video for implementing of necessary tests before every working daily use of service-lifts with components from Tractel.

    ZARGES R & D wind-tower interiors

    R & D Services

    Is your development team in a bind?
    Do you see a potential for optimisations in your kit sets?
    Do you want an expert opinion for the right implementation of safety standards and other statutory provisions in your tower interior?

    Do you want to have your entire tower interior developed by a professional according to the state of the art?
    Are you interested in our R&D services?
    Request a quote or contact us.

    ZARGES wind-tower interiors supervision

    Supervising & assembly

    Our kit sets meet customer requirements and are delivered on time, in a logically packaged form. Nonetheless, it is a complex delivery and we will not leave you hanging.

    Supervising is our "Train the trainer" concept, enabling your assemblers to carry out their work efficiently and without mistakes. If time is of the essence, we also have entire assembly teams available.



    Our services for wind-tower interiors

    ZARGES/ZARGES Aluminium Systeme guarantees a timely and efficient tower interior for your wind farm at the best price. Verification of customer requirements, procurement and production, just in time delivery, supervising and assembly.

    Emek ZARGES

    EMEK S.A.

    (159 tower interiors)

    "We have been working with ZARGES successfully for almost 6 years. The highest possible quality is delivered inexpensively and on time, all requirements are met. ZARGES kit sets for tower interiors lower the required working hours for different processes (purchasing, delivery, assembly) and therefore costs."


    Christos Karras
    Production Planner
    Project Manager
    Wind turbine sector of EMEK S.A.

    ZARGES Cimtas

    Cimtas A.S.

    (86 tower interiors)
    "We assess the tower interiors of ZARGES as follows:

    1. The customer very much appreciates the sectional packaging, because Cimtas also manufacturers and delivers the towers in sections.

    2. Deliveries and documentation must be coordinated with the customer to prevent potential misunderstandings."

    Burhanettin BARAZ
    Procurement Planner

    ZARGES Reuther

    Reuther GmbH

    (65 tower interiors)

    "What Reuther appreciates about the delivery of complete tower interiors:
    We receive everything from one source and need only one counterpart for the entire tower fitting, i.e., we were able to reduce our ordering expenses. Prior to this we had a large number of suppliers.

    ZARGES continuously improves and optimises its deliveries. Sectional deliveries allow us to forward packages without further processing or effort, ready for installation in assembly.
    Punctuality has top priority, they always keep the delivery dates they confirm.
    ZARGES is open to our requirements and suggestions for improvement..."


    Daniel Mewes
    Head of Materials Management
    Reuther GmbH - Chemistry & Tank Engineering
    Steel Tower Builder

    Alke ZARGES

    Alke A.S.

    (40 tower interiors)

    "The biggest benefit of working with ZARGES is that we get everything for the wind towers we manufacture from one source. We save time by working with a single supplier for all materials.
    The quality of the products is good. Because all goods are shipped as kits with all necessary devices, it makes our manufacturing process easier."

    Ersan Özsoy
    Purchasing & Procurement Manager
    Alke A.S.


    To date, ZARGES/ZARGES Aluminium Systeme has equipped over 1,200 wind towers. Experience and know-how that we are proud of and which many manufacturers and operators of wind towers and wind farms have come to rely on.

    Complete list of references as PDF


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