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Everything from a Single Source


ZARGES - Everything from a Single Source

To ensure the optimum solution, even to complex individual problems, we take responsibility for the entire process chain from our customers – starting at the project planning stage, and progressing to manufacture and fitting right through to after-sales service.

Planning Services:

  • Preparation of plans, drawings, control concepts, wiring diagrams.
  • Static and dynamic calculations.
  • Preparation of welding procedure sheets by our own specialist welding engineers.
  • Compilation of documents.
  • Exchange of data on popular programs and formats.
  • Approval tests carried out at specialist and test institutes.


Manufacturing Services:

  • Machining of aluminum profiles and sheets, steel and stainless steel using the most up-to-date forming, separating, jointing and welding technology.
  • Surface treatment based on wet lacquering, coatings, hot-dip galvanising, anodising or powder coating.
  • Machining and final assembly from small and medium series components right through to high volume individual items.
  • Measuring and testing using the most up-to-date processes and equipment.


Installation and Service:

  • Installation, commissioning and personnel briefings undertaken by our own external installation teams.
  • Own maintenance and service department.





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