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Craft / DIY

ZARGES Handwerksprogramm Z300 Z200 Handwerk

Access technology for Craft / DIY

The ZARGES Z300/Z200 Craft / DIY range – the perfect product for every application.

With ZARGES access technology you have the option between two different construction types at different price levels. Most importantly our products offer you top quality - the differences lie only in the construction, equipment and product range.

You can be sure that the product you buy, has an excellent value for money.

ZARGES Craft / DIY range

The product range Z 300 is tailored to your needs and designed for a high performance. It offers a wide range of products and extensive comfort features - such as our 3 part multi-function ladder, which can be used on steps / stairs.


The Z 200 range - with robust triangular rungs - meets the same high quality standards. However, it is less expensive and has a standard equipment. In this range you will find the most important products of a classical ladder program.

You can find more information on all product lines here.

ZARGES Access Technology for Craft /DIY - Program overview

The complete Zarges Craft /DIY series Z 500 / Z 600 is available in our Craft /DIY program, which you can easily download here or view online.

    ZARGES Handwerksprogramm Z300 Z200 Handwerk