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ZARGES Special solutions for rail vehicles and buses.

Individual or standard – your requirement is our challenge.

ZARGES is the market leader for access technology in Europe and a full-service partner for means of access as well as working and assembly platforms in the field of rail vehicles or buses. The widest range of products on the market enables us to cover every requirement from a standard product all the way to individual special solutions.

ZARGES products are of the highest quality and ensure the greatest safety, underlining the high value of your systems. More than 80 years of experience, innovative technologies and our high standards have already convinced many renowned customers. We offer consulting, planning, products, assembly and service at one stop. This means that you profit from an ideal solution with a minimum working overhead for you.


We deliver customer-specific solutions – exactly geared to your vehicles and systems.
In doing so, we comply with all the relevant standards and regulations, for example:

DIN EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management
DIN EN ISO 14122 – Permanent means of access to machinery
DIN EN 1090 – Fabrication and assembly of steel and aluminium structures
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

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  • On-site consulting from ZARGES field service and project engineers.
  • Online consulting by configurators.

Costing and construction

  • Informative offer with all the relevant data as well as 3D CAD.
  • Models and drawings for approval.


  • On-site assembly by the ZARGES assembly team, including customer inspection prior to acceptance, and training.
  • Handover of technical documentation for use of the product.

Service & support

  • Reliable spare part supply.
  • Useful seminars for suitably qualified person on testing access equipment.
  • Legally prescribed product inspections on site by trained ZARGES employees..

The path to your individual solution for access to rail vehicles and buses.

Which area of the rail vehicle or bus is to be reached?

  • ƒƒƒƒCrossing railway track pits.
  • ƒƒSide area.
  • ƒƒFront area.
  • ƒƒRoof area.

How would you like to reach the vehicle: mobile or stationary?

For all these areas, you will find solution possibilities in the following overview that can be specially adapted to the Needs of the application by means of a wide variety of individual equipment Options.

Mobile access solutions.

01 Rail pit boards

Railway track bridge, mobile with rail brake
Comfortable version
Simple version
Simple design, stationary inboard and traversable

01 Rail pit boards

  • ƒƒSuitable for all common types of rail fastenings.
  • Individually designed platform Solutions to bridge railway track pits.

You can choose from the following versions:

  • ƒƒPlatform flooring: aluminium, with corrugated surface, Aluminium checker plate, steel, stainless steel or fibre-glass plastic grating.
  • Railings.
  • Access from the pit.
  • Padding and visual markings.

02 Access steps

Access steps with fixed height
Access steps parallel to the vehicle, height-adjustable
Simple design, stationary inboard and traversable

02 Access steps

  • ƒƒIndividual versions for parallel or frontal door access.

03 Front working platforms

Electrically height-adjustable front working platform with telescopic stair
Electrically height-adjustable with power connection on the platform, for simultaneous work in the front and front side areas
Mechanically height-adjustable platform with rail-guided Chassis and adaptation to contours
Hydraulically height-adjustable front working platform with Access via three four-stringer stairs
Rail undercarriage with brake can be chosen as an option
Adaptation to contours of the vehicle
Height-adjustable front working platform with rail-guided chassis

03 Front working platforms

  • ƒƒAccess for work on the windscreen, wipers or destination display.
  • Suitable for all vehicle types and track gauges as a result of perfect alignment to contours.
  • With optional 2-way chassis for moving on normal workshop floors, rails or elevated tracks.
  • Standard heights 1,500–2,300 mm or 2,100–3,500 mm
  • Standard length: 1,000 mm
  • Standard widths: 2,500 or 3,200 mm
  • Other dimensions available on request
  • Consistent flat construction for vehicles with low or high hanging rail guard.

04 Side working platforms

Height-adjustable from approx. 1,000–2,700 mm and strut-free working platform
Height-adjustable from approx. 400–3,000 mm with vertical ladder access
Side working platform with fixed height
Fixed height with frontal stair
Height-adjustable with internally supported steps and access hatch

04 Side working platforms

  • ƒƒ Access for work along the train, doors and windows.
  • Side working platforms with different height and access variants.

05 Roof working platforms

Portal roof working platform, rail-guided
Telescopic front fall protections that can be hooked up manually to connect two roof working platforms over the roof
Roof working platform adjustable in height by crane with telescopic front fall protections
Roof working platform with fixed height and height-adjustable railing cage; cage can be engaged optionally on the left or right
Height-adjustable roof working platform with folding railing cage

05 Roof working platforms

  • ƒƒOne-sided or two-sided access for safe work on the roof.
  • Choice of access variant depending on use case and space available in each case.

06 Portal roof working platforms

Portal roof working platform with two levels, rail-guided
Portal roof working platform with two levels and parallel step access
Roof access, 2 levels (upper is hinged), strut-free framework to enable simultaneous side access
With mobile jib crane for removing components from the train roof on the way
With electrical height adjustment from 700–4,300 mm, electrical lengthways movement on rails

06 Portal roof working platforms

  • ƒƒRigid connection of both sides with front fall protections for fenced-off/safe working area
  • ƒƒStationary or mobile.
  • Roof access on both sides with, if required, simultaneous side access through 2nd level.
  • Various mobility options (ground, tracks, guide at the train).

Modular kit for mobile access solutions

Coupling of two portal roof working platforms
Height-adjustable lengthways combination consisting of modules, four-stringer stairs and suspended platforms
Combination in U-shape
Modules, platforms and working platforms on all sides

Modular kit for mobile access solutions

  • ƒThe combination of standardised aluminium constructions enables flexible access to different vehicles.
  • The major components of this modular kit are working platforms, platforms, modules, steps, railings and hand-rails.
  • If required, all platforms can be easily and quickly combined to create flexible work areas.

Stationary access solutions

07 Roof working stands

Access and work on the roof and/or in the roof area of rail vehicles or buses:

  • Idle times shortened as a result of short equipping times and maximum work safety.
  • Optimal adaptation to contours with high variability and zero gap dimension.
  • Depending on the hall layout, the stands are divided into adapted individual segments (System modular kit).

Examples of versions:

ƒApprox. 1,300 m length, 3 tracks, suspended from the ceiling. Mobile overhead crane with swivel arm per track to 250 m length.
For ICE maintenance with approx. 920 m length. Cantilever arm technology, raised on stands and suspended from the ceiling. Connection to hall pillars. Overhead crane.
ƒƒApprox. 1,050 m length. Raised on stands and suspended from the ceiling with accessible fall protections. Mobile front fall protections.
ƒApprox. 92 m length. Cantilever arm technology, connection to hall construction. Swivelling steps.
Approx. 188 m length, on both sides at 2 tracks. Bracket technology, connection to hall construction. Sensor-controlled front fall protections.
Length approx. 42 m. Raised on stands with accessible fall protections on the opposite side. Mechanically cranked extensions. Attached storage area.

08 Assembly stands – universal system platform

Equipment and details:

  • ƒƒSpecially made for construction and final assembly of rail vehicles and buses.
  • Individual adaptation of contours and platform heights according to customer specifications.
  • System modular kit with product catalogue.
  • Platforms with cantilever arm technology for best possible access to all relevant assembly positions.
  • Fixed or height-adjustable platform system for optimal access and ergonomic work.
  • Front fall protections can be adapted to set vehicle types and enable safe work at all times.
  • Platform surface made of plywood for high anti-slip safety in conjunction with low footfall sound noise pollution.
  • Load-bearing capacities up to 500 kg/m².
  • Supporting structure made of steel, hot-galvanised or painted.
  • Aluminium stairs could be assembled in- or outside.
  • Fall protections due to railings on all sides, detachable or fixed.
  • Impact protection made of soft PVC for optimal protection of the set vehicles.

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