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ZARGES products & standards

ZARGES innovative products containers ladders

Large product range - superb quality

We produce high-quality ladders, containers and much more

ZARGES is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of innovative products made of the material aluminium. Our products are manufactured in accordance with high quality standards, with cutting-edge technologies and using our many years of experience.

In the field of access technology ZARGES is among others:

  • Manufacturer of ladders, ladder spare parts and ladder accessories
  • Manufacturer of work platforms and platform ladders
  • Manufacturer of industrial equipment (industrial steps, bridging steps, etc.)
  • Manufacturer of mobile scaffold towers and special scaffolding
  • Manufacturer of fixed ladders and fall arrester systems
  • Manufacturer of shaft equipment and shaft covers

In the field of logistics equipment ZARGES is among others:

  • Manufacturer of the celebrated ZARGES containers, (ZARGES box, ZARGES universal container, ZARGES Eurobox, etc.)
  • Manufacturer of hazardous goods packaging and systems for transporting hazardous goods
  • Manufacturer of modular systems and mobile multi-purpose trolleys in the healthcare industry


ZARGES is the manufacturer of over 500 products which you can find on this website in the categories Access Technology, Logistics Equipment and Special Constructions.

As a manufacturer we do not offer the service of hiring out or leasing ZARGES products. To do so, please contact local hire and leasing firms or ask your local specialist dealer.