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ZARGES quality

ZARGES solutions for packaging and transporting hazardous goods

Quality from the market leader – advantages that speak for ZARGES

The name ZARGES has for decades been a byword for superb quality. ZARGES quality management has been reviewed within the framework of a certification audit and conforms to the latest standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (see Certification).

We take this and other standards, regulations and laws into account in our work. On the one hand, this is reflected in the reliability and durability of our products, which meet the high expectations that our customers and partners have of them.

On the other hand, we improve procedures in our company by implementing our production methods and quality methods in such a way that malfunctions are discovered early and limited.

We view continuous further development as an obligation to the satisfaction of our customers and partners. We supply products and services that meet their expectations - ZARGES quality.

Rungs-stringer connection

ZARGES Rungs-stringer connection
  • Extremely rigid ladder body through multiple widening for high rigidity and dynamic security
  • Clamping of both stringer walls with minimum joining clearance
  • Minimised production tolerances (in the 1/10 mm area, require manual inserting of the rungs intothe stringers during the production process because mechanical insertion is possible only with tolerances of 2–3 mm)
  • Flanging ideally formed without crack formation – not just crimped
  • Rungs arranged centrally in the stringer, thus preventing stringer weakening

Guide fittings

ZARGES Guide fittings
  • Fittings made from aluminium extruded profile – low weight with the highest strength
  • Fittings cover the entire stringer: optimum guidance and stability
  • Replaceable, screwed fittings
  • Slide protection for optimal handling

Locking mechanism

ZARGES Locking mechanism
  • Belt strap sewn into mounting clip
  • Fixed onto the stringer twist-proof with two rivets
  • Fixing of the belt strap is crucial for permanent resilience of the component
  • Meets highest safety criteria



ZARGES two-component end cap

ZARGES two-component end cap
  • Two-component end cap, cast in one  pour, i.e. inseparable connection of both components
  • Tough material in the stringer (shore hardness: approx. thus firm seat of the end cap in the stringer even with the most extreme load
  • Soft material on the contact point (shore hardness: approx. 70), thus optimum skid resistance even on slippery industrial floors

Ladder hooks with anchoring

ZARGES ladder hooks with anchoring
  • Ladder hooks with anchoring made from aluminium extruded profile – low weight with the highest strength
  • Enforced operation for highest safety
  • Large contact face of the anchoring on the rung
  • Replaceable through screwed connection
  • Resilient, permanent structure

Rigid connection

ZARGES rigid connection
  • Rigid connection made from flat aluminium material – low weight with the highest strength
  • Very simple and easy latching onto the stringer
  • Replaceable

Stringer-rung profile

ZARGES stringer-rung profile
  • Stringers and rungs made from aluminium extruded profiles. Higher rigidity compared to sheet metal profiles, special shapes and local reinforcement possible
  • Highest non-slip safety through pronounced grooves in the rungs, not possible to that degree with sheet metal profiles
  • The extrusion process allows groove designs with any degree of pronunciation
  • Large stepping surface of the rungs (30 mm) as compared to minimum requirement of 20 mm in EN 131

ZARGES know-how

Many years of experience in development and production

The strengths of ZARGES lie in the development of new products, the rapid transformation of new ideas into user-oriented, innovative solutions, adherence to the highest quality standards and comprehensive support for its customers.

ZARGES has many years of experience in the development and manufacture of products for industry, trade and the public sector.

Using the latest systems, ZARGES develops the optimum solutions tailored to the specific requirements of its customers. Our development processes and products comply with all the latest national and international standards (certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 – 2008).

For our customers, the production methods used and the level of automation in development and production mean the advantage of being able to rely on the consistently high production quality reflected in the statement “Made by ZARGES”. And all this at attractive prices and with short delivery times.

On the one hand, ZARGES is small enough to be able to cater to individual requirements, while on the other hand, the company is large enough to have at its fingertips the requisite know-how in development, consulting, planning, production and services.