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ZARGES special solutions

ZARGES special solutions

We have the know-how to meet your requirements

ZARGES offers a wide range of standard solutions to meet your requirements. However, specific conditions often require a customised solution. Here too ZARGES is the right partner for you.

For decades we have in conjunction with you been developing products and systems which are perfectly matched to all manner of different applications. Here the close cooperation between the customer and the development engineers is the guarantee of an optimum solution. 

Special solutions from standard elements or individual

ZARGES special solutions are for the most part based on tried-and-tested basic constructions and components. They therefore constitute a cheap and simple alternative to expensive special designs with long delivery times. But it goes without saying that our specialists can also come up with individual solutions together with yourselves.

All ZARGES customer-specific solutions comply with the relevant applicable standards. The single parts of special scaffolding for example have a TÜV certificate.

Special solutions are part of the product range

Furthermore, our large product range already features some special solutions, e.g. special ladders, special scaffolding, special containers and special trolleys. With genuine accessories and optional equipment you can effortlessly adapt ZARGES products to your specific application.

Refer to our case studies, where we present in detail solutions and systems developed specifically for our customers.

If you are interested in special solutions, please get in touch with your personal contact at our Head Office in Weilheim.

Finding solutions together

If you have special requirements regarding the use of ZARGES products and want an adaptation or a customer-specific solution, please contact us. We will offer advice, provide a quote and devise a time and cost schedule with you. 

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