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Spare Parts Service

All parts at ZARGES are individually available. This is your guarantee of a reliable supply of spare parts in the long term. And you can rest assured that your ZARGES product will always be in perfect condition, even after many years of use.

ZARGES access technology products are subject to stringent internal inspections. The ZARGES quality system has been tested within the framework of a certification audit and complies with the latest standard DIN EN ISO 9001– 2000. We therefore provide throughout Europe a 10-year warranty on design, materials and workmanship.

Access Division – spare parts

Tel. 01908 641118
Fax 01908 648176
E-mail: sales@remove-this.zarges.co.uk

Packaging (Cases) Division – spare parts

Tel: 01908 641118
Fax 01908 648176
E-mail: logistics@remove-this.zarges.co.uk