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Since the company was founded, ZARGES has focused on training and further education, especially for young employees. We do this because we want to maintain our excellent market position and our high product quality also in the future. For this we need a team of qualified and highly motivated employees. We are proud to say that a large part of this team has come from our own ranks. Become a part of the ZARGES team

What will you get from a traineeship at ZARGES

  • From the first day, you will be in the middle of everything
  • Individual support
  • Above average pay
  • Enjoyment in working within the ZARGES family
  • Very hi chance of being taking on as an employee following completion of the traineeship

What our trainees say

Occupations for traineeships

Overview of a traineeship as an industrial business administrator

Traineeship duration: A traineeship generally takes three years

Traineeship location: Industrial business administrators work in an office (in all departments), mainly at a PC

Vocational school: The vocational school is in Schongau

Tasks: Planning, carrying out and monitoring the range of business tasks

Training objective: Learning of everything necessary to carry out business tasks within a company


  • PC knowledge
  • Outgoing nature
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Interest in organisational aspects
  • Interest and ability for commercial tasks

Overview of a traineeship as an industrial Mechanic

Traineeship duration: A traineeship generally takes 3.5 years

Traineeship location: Year one is exclusively in the traineeship workshops, from year to auto in different departments

Vocational school: The vocational school is in Weilheim

Tasks: Industrial mechanics are involved in everything concerning technological industrial equipment. Manufacturing of components, assemblies, assembly of complete devices, machine equipment, machine monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting, plant repairs.

Training objective: Learning of content to enable the undertaking of technical tasks in an industrial company


  • Enjoyment and ability for technical and manual work
  • Spatial sense
  • Good knowledge of maths
  • Ability to work in a team
  • A good basic leaving certificate or an intermediate leaving certificate

Find out more about the occupations we have for traineeships and personally inform yourself about our trainers and traineesCareer fairs and information events

Current traineeship places at ZARGES

Job titleCareer levelTown/cityOnline since
Industrial mechanicTrainingWeilheim01/10/2017
Industrial business administrator:TrainingWeilheim01/10/2017

FAQs on traineeships at ZARGES

What locations and occupations for training are available at ZARGES?

In Weilheim, ZARGES offers training for industrial business administrators and industrial mechanics.

What has to be included in my application?

A full application for a traineeship at ZARGES includes:

  • Cover letter
  • CV
  • Last two school reports
  • Possibly confirmation of practical work experience

When is the latest date for my application?

You should apply for a traineeship by 1 September at the latest for the next traineeship year.

When will I receive a reply?

Applications are closely checked by ZARGES so the selection process does take time. You will get confirmation of receipt of your application. Selection of training takes place from September until November.

Who can I contact?

We will be glad to answer any questions if you call +49 881 687-235 or e-mail

Does ZARGES offer work experience to school pupils?

Yes. We would like to give you an insight into the different occupations you can train for. more information on work experience for school pupils

Does ZARGES offer placements for Girls Day?

Every year, many girls come to ZARGES on "Girls Day" to inform themselves about technical occupations.

How long does a traineeship take?

The length of training varies depending on the occupation as well as individual circumstances. For example, a traineeship can often be shortened if your grades are good.

  • Industrial business administrator: 3 years
  • Industrial mechanic 3.5 years

How much is the pay?

Corresponds to the IG Metall tariffs for the Bavarian region.

What school qualification do I need?

  • To train as a business administrator you require an intermediate or advanced school leaving certificate.
  • To train as an industrial mechanic, require a good basic school leaving certificate or an intermediate school leaving certificate

Will I be taking on as an employee when my traineeship is completed?

The plan is to take on trainees who successfully pass the chamber of commerce examination.

What further training options are?

  • During your traineeship, ZARGES gives you the option to participate in a 3-week training programme in Great Britain.
  • English language skills can also be improved by obtaining an English certificate in cooperation with your vocational school.
  • ZARGES offers exam-preparation courses to achieve good grades. ZARGES also provides an internet platform for trainees to enable optimal preparation for final examinations.
  • On completing a traineeship, a range of specialist further training options are available. These are advised and organised on an individual basis according to operational needs.

Where and how often do I attend the vocational school?

Industrial business administrators attend the vocational school in Schongau, and industrial mechanics attend the school in Weilheim. Attendance 1 to 2 times per week applies to both schools.

How many trainees does ZARGES have?

In Weilheim, ZARGES employs approximately 25 trainees. Planning on the number of trainees in recent years:

  • 4 industrial mechanic
  • 2 industrial business administrators

How do I find out whether a traineeship is suitable for me?

Work experience in our company is very helpful to get to know the work there and to get a feeling for whether the job suits you personally.