Spring cleaning in Germany: how professional cleaning and maintenance work can go seamlessly. ZARGES gives professionals a few tips on how to work safely in houses and gardens.

Weilheim, 25 April 2018 – the busiest time for trade professionals begins after the period of poor weather: the yearly spring maintenance work is about to happen. Roofers, building cleaners and painters help in household spring cleaning, for example, by providing professional dirt removal services. ZARGES works closely with professionals from different trades and therefore knows the challenges they face during cleaning work. In the following three tips, ZARGES will show you how to carefully avoid hindrances to ensure a smooth cleaning process.

1.Reaching every corner reliably during maintenance and inspection work
As soon as roofs are free of snow and ice, the phones of many roofers will probably not stop ringing: gutters and house roofs need to be inspected for damage and refurbished. Although these tasks require workers to work at dangerous heights and often at hard-to-reach places, many of them still resort to using improvised constructions. Such tasks entail a great risk of accident and frequently land workers in hospital. A ladder with a large platform is therefore the right choice as it allows workers to stand stably. The work ergonomics this achieves is especially useful for work that has to be performed at chest height or even above the head. Ideally workers should be able to adjust the ladder height to suit the tasks at hand in order to be able to work on every corner under the eaves. Therefore, platform ladders are significantly safer than conventional single ladders.

2.Having equipment ready at hand even for tasks requiring workers to keep their hands free
Cleaning dirty windows and facades is another task performed in spring: building cleaners remove dust and dirt from solar installations or window panes, while painters give houses a fresh coat of paint. The challenge: Window squeegees and cleaning agents as well as paint rollers and brushes not only have to be always close at hand, but also need a place for proper storage. At the same time, workers also have to keep their hands free to work their way from one surface to another. This requires a workplace that offers a great deal of mobility in addition to having space for storing work tools. Mobile solutions such as a scaffold tower with castors provide an answer to the problem. The benefit: It is easy to set up and can be easily shifted from one window (or surface) to the next. Furthermore, workers do not have to keep transporting their equipment up and down the scaffold tower – thus avoiding another accident risk.

3.Transporting tools in a safe and compact manner
When the house maintenance is done, then work begins in the garden. In most cases, this is a job for gardeners and landscapers, who have to bring in their scarifying, trimming and cutting equipment. Mobile transport cases are great for making it easy to move high-quality tools and protecting them from damage. Such boxes should provide a lot of storage space and have a secure seal to ensure that the tools inside are protected from moisture and other environmental influences – even when working outdoors. Boxes made of the lightweight aluminium are especially well suited for this purpose because they are sturdy and light.

"Houses and gardens emerge from their hibernation in spring – a time when trade professionals once again gear themselves up. We work very closely with trade professionals from different industries. That is why we know their special requirements. It is our job to make their day-to-day work easier and as safe as possible," says ZARGES Product Manager Höbke Thomssen.