Data disposal containers

ZARGES data disposal containers

Many of the technical features in ZARGES data disposal containers have been redesigned for more user-friendliness

Professional data disposal firms and companies both large and small have relied on the security of the ZARGES DATA® security container for many years – the new quality will astound you.

  • Especially sturdy due to large edge and base profiles.
  • Unique stability because profile-section joints are continuously welded in the cross-section.
  • The profile sections have a fully integrated and permanently engineered bond which positive-locks them to the jacket and base metal.
  • End and side walls reinforced with peripheral beading and corner beads (70-l container with corner beads only).
  • All riveted joints are made with high-quality full rivets.
  • Lid has solid surrounding lid frame with integrated wall bumpers (piping buffer profile) and slotted lid plate.
  • Lid with slot (approx. 420 mm × 24 mm), with locking plate and spring-loaded flap.
  • Logo holder for an individual look. Containers with different locking options.
  • Optimum mobility with a wide choice of wheel options.