Fall prevention and arresters

Safe and secure with ZARGES

Get to the top safely with ZARGES, even when you lose your footing.

With ZARGES personal protective equipment, you will be on the safe side not just when climbing to high places. ZARGES is there to catch you when you lose your footing – the highest level of safety, even when you fall.

Safety slide mechanisms and safety harness in accordance with DIN. Inspection of safety equipment by qualified persons directly on site or in our factory. You take care of your core business, and we will take care of all safety-related inspections of your fall protection equipment for you.

ZARGES safety slide mechanisms and accessories

Personal protective equipment for ZARGES fall arrester systems complies with all related safety aspects, such as the DIN EN 353-1 and DIN EN 361. Always stay safe while setting up and using personal protective equipment.

Safety slide mechanism testing

Annual inspection is a must!

As items of personal protective equipment (PPE), safety slide mechanisms must be inspected annually by a qualified person. Let us
take this job off your hands - have this safety-relevant test performed at our factory by specially trained and qualified personnel.

Type of testZARGES product

Annual inspection of safety slide mechanism (visual inspection and functional test)


Replacement of shock-absorbing lanyard, karabiner and shackle


Modification of the safety slide mechanism to conform with the new requirements, incl. annual inspection

47588, 47562, 47572

Annual inspection of safety harness


Questions concerning safety slide mechanisms, personal protective equipment (PPE) or fall prevention and fall arresters?

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