FAQ – Questions on ZARGES boxes

Information on our cases & boxes

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions on this page for you. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

How protected is a ZARGES case against ingress of foreign substances?

There are different levels of protection against ingress of foreign substances, divided into various IP ratings. The protection level is described using a two-digit code. The first digit describes the protection level against ingress of solid substances, and the second digit describes the protection level against ingress of water. Depending on the product series, there are containers rated at IP54 for protection against splashing of water (e.g. K 470 standard), at IP65 for protection against water jets (e.g. K 470 IP65 and Mitraset) or at IP67 for protection against immersion and moisture (K 475, P 472).

How much load can each handle carry?

For the K 470 series, each drop handle is tested to carry up to a load of 75 kg.

Can the cases be locked?

In principle, the aluminium cases in the K 470, BY and K 475 series can be locked using a 6-mm shackle lock. It is also possible to further secure them with an additional 3-mm lead seal. The ZARGES lock set can be used for all cases in the K 470, K 450 and Eurobox series. The set is already built into the ZARGES Box by default. The K 410 series of aluminium cases is already equipped with lockable fasteners.

What are the dimensions of the smallest K 470 aluminium case available?

approx. 300 mm x 220 mm x 130 mm (length x width x height); values shown are internal dimensions.

What are the dimensions of the largest K 470 transport case available?

approx. 2480 mm x 1380 mm x 1000 mm (length x width x height); values shown are internal dimensions.

What is the maximum load capacity of the K 470 series of containers?

Depending on the type of loading, the maximum load capacity is approx. 100 kg for the smaller containers and approx. 200 kg for the largest containers. Its load capacity can be further increased by mounting a pallet underneath it.

Can lettering or a company logo be embossed on the case?

Yes, there are options to emboss standard DIN letters onto the case. 20 mm font height, single or multiple lines, maximum length of 16 characters per line.

What is the minimum order quantity required for the production of cases with customised dimensions?

The minimum quantity starts at 1 case; a cost-efficient order quantity starts at 10 cases.

What colours are available?

Every RAL colour. Special colours available on request.

In what condition are the military cases K 475, BY and Mitraset delivered?

By default, they are delivered without any finish because aluminium does not require any finish for corrosion protection. However, ZARGES also provides finishing services at extra charges.

How can pallets be mounted underneath the containers?

The following options are available:

  • Aluminium pallet, bolting
  • tack-welded wood pallets, bolting
  • Seculpal pallets, bolting

What accessories does ZARGES offer for the aluminium cases?

The available accessories range from standard inserts (such as foam cubes, foam linings, divider sets and lid inserts) to customised foam inserts, finishes and labels, to various locking options (shackle lock, TSA shackle lock, lock set).