Product presentation that immediately catches the eye!

ZARGES expands its range of POS materials for dealers.

Weilheim, December 16, 2020 - Product variety wherever the eye looks - especially in salesrooms, it is difficult for both customers and dealers to focus attention on a specific product. Often, a number of stimuli overlap there between sales shelves and promotion areas. Eye-catchers and a targeted product presentation can help here. To provide an effective basis for attracting more attention, ZARGES has expanded its range of POS (point of sale) materials for its climbing, packaging and transport solutions to meet the specific needs of specialist dealers.

Branded POS material from ZARGES offers dealers decisive advantages: Eye-catchers entice customers to stop and look, arouse interest, and convey all the product information relevant to the customer in a targeted manner. In addition, it can facilitate the start of a conversation with the customer and thus offers an initial starting point.  "With the help of better sorting and structuring, our customers can compare products more easily and make decisions more quickly," says Philipp Wegner, department manager of stationary sales - sales floor at Friedrich Niemann. "This is also noticeable in the sales figures. Since using the ladder stands, for example, we've noticed that sales of ladders have increased because our customers are approaching them in a more targeted way."

Extensive range with suitable solutions for indoors and outdoors

With the POS material, dealers can present ZARGES products in an eye-catching way in their salesroom, on their outdoor exhibition grounds and at trade fairs. The extensive range includes a ladder stand in two versions (mobile or stationary), beach flags, ellipse stands, customer stoppers, pallet covers, banners and magnetic signs for shelves. Less space-consuming POS materials also include: brochure holders, logo stickers, ceiling hangers, flags and tension bands. Overall, the POS material impresses with a modern and eye-catching look in cyan blue, matching the corporate design of ZARGES, with high recognition value and good visibility from a distance.

Free design and combinability

A special feature of the POS material is the possibility of free presentation design, without specific specifications. In addition, there are many different ways to combine the individual items with each other and thus adapt them to the individual local conditions and goals of the dealers. "Compared to other companies, the selection of POS material at ZARGES is very extensive. Thanks to the intensive contact, we can also order additional materials at short notice, without much effort. In general, we can also say that for customers, the focus is clearly on quality, personal advice, fast service for spare parts as well as accessories. We can cover all these points perfectly through our cooperation with ZARGES," says Philipp Wegner. Furthermore, he said, advice on the best possible placement in advance, either on site or virtually, is a decisive plus point in particular.

"Our dealers' need for POS material has always been great and has continued to change. We have taken the suggestions from dealers and the increasing demand as an opportunity to specifically expand our range and supplement it with special products," explains Manuela Wandinger, Marketing Manager at ZARGES. "We see the appealing presentation in stationary trade, in close cooperation with our partner dealers, as an important part of our sales. In addition, personal advice, both by ZARGES to the dealers and in turn by the dealers to their customers is one of the most important cornerstones, which must be further consolidated." Further portfolio expansion is also planned for ZARGES' broad product range in the near future, he added.

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