Basic information

The sturdy and lightweight transportation and storage solution with distinctive blue corners, but here as a toolbox.

  • Sturdy aluminium universal box.
  • Aluminium corners inside for plastic inserts (Order No. 40624 / 40625).
  • Armoured closing clasps for shackle lock (up to 8 mm shackle thickness).
  • Blue stacking corners of impact-resistant plastic ensure safe stacking.
  • Fasteners can be retrofitted with additional spring protection against bursting open.


  • Clearance dimensions approx. 30 mm less than inside dimensions.
  • Delivery without content. Plastic inserts are accessories.


Order number
Int. length (approx. mm)
Int. width (approx. mm)
Int. height (approx. mm)
Ext. length (approx. mm)
Ext. width (approx. mm)
Ext. height (approx. mm)
Volume (approx. l)
Weight (kg)
Eurobox as toolbox (Studio)
40707 550 350 310 600 400 340 60 5.5
ZARGES Eurobox as a toolbox (Studio)
40708 750 350 310 800 400 340 81 6.7