Basic information

For safe storage of lithium batteries according to PI908.

  • High-quality special container made from aluminium.
  • Suitable for up to 3 lithium batteries (UN 3480) of up to 814 Wh each.
  • Equipped with fireproof padding and absorbent material made of textured glass fibres.
  • Tested and approved as hazardous goods packaging in accordance with UN requirements, i. e. can be transported on public roads.
  • Fire test successfully passed. No inflammation. The neighbouring batteries remain intact. Temperatures on the outside of the box remain below 100°C.


Order number
Int. length (mm)
Int. width (mm)
Int. height (mm)
Ext. length (mm)
Ext. width (mm)
Ext. height (mm)
Volume (l)
Weight (kg)
Max. gross weight dangerous goods permission (kg)
K 470 - Battery Box (Studio)
40582 550 550 220 600 600 250 67 11.5 65.0