Comfortstep LH

Information: This product was called "Hook-on shelf ladder with padded front tread edges" until 31.12.2018

Basic information

These flexible ladders ensure safe access to shelving and can be adapted to the required height.

  • Hook-on shelf ladders have two hooks for the guide rail and additional hooks for vertical storage on the shelf.
  • Note

    • Please quote the distance between the floor and the top edge of the tubular rail when ordering!

    Complies with EN 131


Order number
Max. vertical rail height (m)
Number of treads
Comfortstep LH (Studio)
41402 1.45, 1.69 6
Comfortstep LH (Studio)
41403 1.70, 1.94 7
Comfortstep LH (Studio)
41404 1.95, 2.19 8
Comfortstep LH (Studio)
41405 2.20, 2.44 9
Comfortstep LH (Studio)
41406 2.45, 2.69 10