Z 300 Telescopic combination ladder

Basic information

Out of the boot and up: miniature format for transport, flexible use as a single ladder and stepladder.

  • Original TELESTEPS with the proven AUTOSTEPS mechanism.
  • When pushed together, the ladder fits into any luggage compartment.
  • Can only be used as a single ladder or a stepladder when fully extended.
  • Wide treads ensure comfort when ascending and descending.
  • Abrasion-resistant, anodised stiles.
  • Treads and stiles made from extruded aluminium sections.


Order number
Overall length, extended (m)
Overall length, retracted (m)
Working height (approx. m)
Horizontal stabiliser bar (m)
Weight (kg)
Telescopic combination ladder (Studio)
41114 2.30 0.71 3.60 0.69 14.5
Telescopic combination ladder (Studio)
41115 3.00 0.78 4.20 0.77 20.0