Two-part GRP push-up ladder

Basic information

Lightweight composite construction for electrical and chemical environments.

  • Aluminium alloy rungs (30 x 30 mm) with non-slip ribbing.
  • Convenient and precise rung-by-rung height adjustment in a grid of 280 mm.
  • High level of protection provided for working on electrical installations thanks to insulated stiles made from glass-fibre-reinforced plastic.
  • Complies with the high-voltage test for ladders of insulating material in accordance with DIN EN 61 478 or VDE 0682 Section 6.5 Category 1/30 KV.
  • Both parts of the ladder can also be used separately as single ladders for Order No. 41163
  • Overall width of bottom section: 430 mm.
  • Complies with EN 131