Basic information

The world champion when it comes to space-saving: extremely small format for transport, but wide rungs for a secure standing surface.

  • When pushed together, the ladder fits into any luggage compartment.
  • Can be adjusted to different heights - several ladders in one. As a result, it can be always be at the suitable height.
  • Wide rungs for comfortable ascent and descent.
  • Abrasion-resistant, anodised stiles.


Order number
Overall length, extended (m)
Overall length, retracted (m)
Working height (m)
Number of rungs
Weight (kg)
Horizontal stabiliser bar (m)
Compactstep L (Studio)
40400 2.66 0.76 3.40 9 8.4
Compactstep L (Studio)
40401 3.80 0.88 4.50 13 14.0 0.88