Z 600 Timber single ladder with rungs

Basic information

The alternative in material and price: pleasant to grip at all temperatures, popular on building sites and with painters.

  • Stiles of high-quality, selected coniferous wood stained yellow-brown, beech rungs, pine stiles.
  • Glued and coated mortise and tenon joints between rungs and stiles.
  • Tensioning screws for additional safety and stability.
  • Low thermal conductivity - always pleasant to grip, even when used outdoors in winter.
  • Outside width: 380 mm.

Complies with EN 131


Order number
Overall length (m)
Working height (approx. m)
Stile depth (mm)
Number of rungs
Weight (kg)
Timber single ladder with rungs (Studio)
40008 2.37 3.15 66 8 6.5
Timber single ladder with rungs (Studio)
40010 2.93 3.75 66 10 8.5