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Stella Trec LH


For easy travel backwards and forwards along your shelving: The solution with guide rails and self-locking sprung castors is individually height-adjustable.

  • Both the top of the ladder and the self-locking sprung castors at the bottom lock the shelf ladder when weight is applied.
  • When not in use, the ladder can be stowed vertically on the shelf to save space.

Hints and special features

  • Please quote the distance between the floor and the top edge of the tubular rail when ordering!
  • Complies with EN 131 Professional.

More Information

More Information
Coating natural
Connection Stile-Rung flanged
Tread depth 30 mm
Load max. 150 kg
Material Aluminium
Pitch rung/tread 270 mm
Producttype Flanged mobile shelf ladder with rungs
Type rung/tread serrated


Order number Height hook on vertical Max height hook on vertical Min height hook on vertical Number of treads Working height
1141511 =1,73m-=2,26 m 2.26 m 1.73 m 6 2.8 m
1141512 =2,27m-=2,8 m 2.8 m 2.27 m 8 3.35 m
1141513 =2,81m-=3,34 m 3.34 m 2.81 m 10 3.9 m
1141514 =3,35m-=3,88 m 3.88 m 3.35 m 12 4.4 m
1141515 =3,89m-=4,42 m 4.42 m 3.89 m 14 4.95 m