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Megastep S (Studio)
The strongest of all our ladders: high load capacity and modern design for the most exacting requirements.
R13step S (Studio)
Safer ascent with the highest non-slip performance thanks to R13 treads for oily and wet environment.
Saferstep S (Studio)
Comfortable and safe ascent with high non-slip performance thanks to Safer Step Technology and robust, stable construction.
Meistertritt S (Studio)
Safe standing on very large platform, non-slip ascent and descent thanks to Safer Step Technology. So-called “lightweight platform ladder”.
Comfortstep S (Studio)
Protection for your shins: high degree of comfort while working through padded treads.
XLstep S (Studio)
Low weight, simple handling and a good price/performance ratio with high-value equipment.
Seventec RC S (Studio)
The ladder for optimal safety in outdoor areas.
Seventec S (Studio)
High stability, comfortable ascent and descent due to deep treads and smooth external stile surfaces that are comfortable to grip.
Nova S (Studio)
The classic model for safe standing and comfortable working, with a practical storage tray and high-stability patented rung-stile connection.
Scana S (Studio)
High degree of comfort while working due to abrasion-resistant, anodised stiles and large storage tray.
Astra S (Studio)
Lightweight, inexpensive version for safe standing.
EFAmix S (Studio)
The special ladders for all applications in electrical environments.
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