Transport trolleys W 181

Basic information

Aluminium box trolley for transporting sensitive, lightweight materials.

  • Aluminium, anodised.
  • Sturdy edge and base profile.
  • Smooth inside walls.
  • Side-panel connection straight-bead-riveted.
  • Running gear: 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors, corner-mounted, Ø 75 mm, 25 mm wide, easy running, rubber wheels, “non-marking”, roller bearings, thread guards.


Order number
Int. length (approx. mm)
Int. width (approx. mm)
Int. height (approx. mm)
Ext. length (approx. mm)
Ext. width (approx. mm)
Ext. height (approx. mm)
Volume (approx. l)
Weight (kg)
Transport trolleys W 181 (Studio)
40650 760 400 500 800 440 625 150 7.6