Storage and transport of defective or damaged lithium batteries

E-Mobility, e-bikes, power tools, electric cars – the use of lithium-ion batteries is becoming increasingly common. The transport and storage of lithium batteries, defective or intact, is subject to strict safety regulations.

In conjunction with a world market leader for e-bike batteries, ZARGES has developed a safety container for the storage and transportation of damaged or defective batteries.

Participating distributors and logistics companies then have the option of storing or transporting suspect batteries in the safety box (Zarges battery safe).

ZARGES K 470 battery safe in detail

  • 550 x 550 x 220 mm with 2 aluminium dividers for up to 3 batteries of up to 814 Wh
  • Approval for the transportation of hazardous goods
  • Interior lining: Fabric with intumescent (= foaming when heated) coating
  • Lining with custom CIRRUX pads
  • lightweight, highly robust and high load capacity

  • resealable

Securely storing and transporting lithium Ion batteries

  • For the safe storage and transport of defective or damaged lithium batteries in accordance with ADR P908 and SV 376.
  • High-quality special container made from aluminium.
  • Equipped with fireproof padding and absorbent material made of textured glass fibres.
  • Dust-free interior fittings.
  • Tested and approved as hazardous goods packaging in accordance with UN requirements, i. e. can be transported on public roads.
  • For storage and transport of defective or damaged lithium batteries in compliance with ADR special provisions 376 and packing instructions P908.
  • New: Meets the specifications laid out by BAM in Special Provision SV 376 for the transport of critically defective lithium batteries.
  • Fire test successfully passed. No inflammation. The neighbouring batteries remain intact. Temperatures on the outside of the box remain below 100°C.
  • Made in Germany

Over 30 years of experience in packaging for dangerous goods

Rely on more than 30 years of experience in the field of hazardous goods and the complete reliability of our packaging solutions.

Our in-house testing laboratory – approved by the Federal Institute for Materials Research (BAM, Berlin) – guarantees fast and accurate test procedures.

Do you have any questions concerning our hazardous goods packaging?

Outer packaging for hazardous goods (also known as hazardous materials) available in standard sizes and special sizes with approval; also available are complete packaging for hazardous goods (composite packaging) and special solutions for hazardous goods packaging and transport.

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