ZARGES DATA® – professional data disposal.

Put your trust in ZARGES security containers.

Electronic data as well as printed analogue data needs protecting from unauthorized access. Professional data disposal companies and well-known companies, both large and small, therefore place their trust in ZARGES DATA® for the protection of documents and confidential papers.

Whatever your security needs, security containers from ZARGES DATA® can meet them. A range of variants and optional combinations guarantee optimum use and best protection for your documents and records that require recycling and disposal.

With seven different basic models and a wide range of accessories, you can choose from well over 100 possibilities. And ZARGES also offers custom-made data disposal and security containers.

We have also been developing and improving the variable security containers for the secure disposal of data and documents:

  • Especially sturdy due to large edge and base profiles.
  • Unique ability of ZARGES data disposal containers: Profile sections welded in full cross-sections.
  • The profile sections have a fully integrated and permanently engineered bond which positive-locks them to the jacket and base metal.
  • End and side walls reinforced with peripheral beading and corner beads (70-l container with corner beads only).
  • All riveted joints are made with high-quality full rivets. Security for your data and documents until they are disposed with.
  • Lid has solid surrounding lid frame with integrated wall bumpers (piping buffer profile) and slotted lid plate.
  • Lid with slot (approx. 420 mm × 24 mm), with locking plate and spring-loaded flap.
  • Logo holder for your unique marking.
  • Data disposal and security containers available with various locking system options.
  • Optimum mobility with a wide choice of wheel options.


Keep files secure until destruction to avoid data misuse

This is because data protection has become more important than ever.

Individual labelling of your ZARGES Data® security container

The redesigned logo holder on the lid of the data disposal container allows you to label your container individually. Label your ZARGES DATA® security container with your company logo, the name of your department or other information. Print out your label, cut it to size and insert it.

And of course, we can also supply your ZARGES DATA® security container security container pre-labelled with your company logo. The sturdy plexiglass sheet protects your label from scratches.

ZARGES DATA® – details on the data disposal container.

Wide-opening lid for easy unloading.
Spring-loaded flap with or without locking bar
Lids are equipped as standard with a deposit slot and spring-loaded flap. Optional locking bars.

Optionals lockable deposit slot.
Spring-loaded flap with or without locking bar
Lids are equipped as standard with a deposit slot and spring-loaded flap. Optional locking bars.

Robust and economic handle
Durable aluminium tubes are welded as corner retaining plates into the data disposal container and fixed with 8 full rivets – so you always have everything under control.

Large castors The use of high-quality castors on the ZARGES DATA® security containers guarantees optimum mobility, even for high payloads.

Lock variants for more data security

Choose between a range of locking systems to securely lock and protect your data when using ZARGES DATA® security and data disposal containers.

Snap fastener secured with lead seals or a padlock.
Snap fastener with plug lock and secured with lead seals or a padlock.
Combination lock with your personal code – security without keys.
Latch lock for maximum security. Individual locking system with authorised card.


Information brochure on data disposal containers

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