New trend on construction sites: Platform ladders are overtaking rung ladders in terms of safety

ZARGES platform ladders eligible for BG Bau subsidies offer greater protection and also promise optimal handling.

Weilheim, Germany, 16 August 2018 – Even one misstep on a ladder may have serious consequences:according to BG Bau (Employer's Liability Insurance Association of the Construction Industry), falls account for almost half of all fatal workplace accidents in the construction industry.ZARGES is therefore working with BG Bau to support a groundbreaking initiative aimed at improving occupational safety and preventing accidents.To this end, the access equipment specialist has designed a new platform ladder that is as versatile as a ladder and as comfortable as a scaffold tower.

It's hard to believe: most fall accidents involving ladders happen from low heights. The risks are often underestimated in this regard. A ladder that is improperly set up or users leaning too far to the side of a ladder can quickly lead to users slipping and injuring themselves. Therefore, construction workers need a ladder that affords them both an optimal grip and adequate room to move about. "We noticed that more and more companies consider rung ladders a safety risk," explains ZARGES Product Manager Höbke Thomssen. "As a result, there is trend of replacing conventional rung ladders with platform ladders. Platform ladders offer greater stability – even when a task requires workers to have their hands free."

Treads offer a larger stepping surface and greater comfort
A platform can specifically help reduce the risk of accident happening to users. It allows them to maintain stable footing at heights, thus contributing to work safety. The new ZARGES ZAP work platform is designed to meet the requirements on construction sites:  the ladder not only offers an extra-large platform, but also fulfils the core condition set out by BG Bau – handrails on both sides of the ladder and treads that are at least 80 mm deep. Compared with rungs, the treads provide a larger stepping surface and prevent workers from slipping and injuring themselves while climbing or descending the ladder.

Lightweight platform ladder for quicker transport
Besides workplace safety, handling is also an important factor on construction sites. Tradesmen have to be able to transport their equipment quickly and easily from one construction site to the next. One aspect of this is the ladder's ability to be conveniently loaded into a van. The ladder by ZARGES is equipped with handrails that can be folded down during transport. At the work site, they can be set up for use by simply being clicked in place, without requiring any time-consuming screwing or drilling work – a unique feature among lightweight platform ladders on the market. Furthermore, weighing at less than 15 kg, the ZAP is also around 20 per cent lighter than comparable products and offers especially high carry comfort.

When purchasing the product, you are eligible to receive a subsidy from BG Bau in the form of an occupational safety bonus amounting to 50 per cent of the purchase price (up to 250 euros).

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