Racing into the new motorsport season with electric power

The ZARGES K470 Battery Box allows lithium-ion batteries to be transported safely

Im Falle eines Brandes verhindert der K470 Akku Safe von ZARGES ein Übergreifen der Flammen auf die benachbarten Akkus.

K470 Akku Safe: Der hochwertige Spezialbehälter aus Aluminium von ZARGES sorgt für den sicheren Transport und die Lagerung von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien.

Weilheim, Germany, 28 March 2019 – Formula 1 is one of the most innovative sports in the world and is considered the ultimate in motor racing. At the same time, Formula E has grown rapidly in importance in the past years since kicking off its inaugural season in September 2014. This is where ZARGES comes in as an expert in dangerous goods packaging: The company's K470 Battery Box made of aluminium is already used by many motorsport teams. Furthermore, the trend towards electromobility is driving the automotive industry to develop more and more lithium-ion batteries – bringing along special safety requirements in terms of transport and storage.

At the core of a Formula E race car is its battery: the battery delivers the energy required on the race track. The handling of batteries, defective or otherwise, is therefore subject to strict safety regulations. The safe storage of batteries during transport has a great impact on their performance and the associated racing success. Lithium-ion batteries are used in Formula E for good reasons: their reliability, response time and ability to be installed quickly and safely are crucial for the sport. In particular, advancements in battery technology play an essential role during pit stops and for acceleration on the track. Nevertheless, great care must be taken when handling lithium-ion batteries: improper handling may cause damage to a battery and even lead to fire in extreme cases.

This is where the K470 Battery Box comes into play: the premium special aluminium container is already used by many leading Formula E teams for storing and transporting batteries. The container is especially designed and approved for dangerous goods. It can therefore be used to carry not only working batteries but also defective ones. In Formula 1, the container is also used for equipment such as radio communication systems and intercoms. The K470 Battery Box is lined with fireproof padding and absorbent material made of fibreglass and has a dust-free interior. It has been tested and approved for use as dangerous goods packaging in accordance with UN regulations – a basis for the compliant transport of dangerous goods on public routes. The container also meets the requirements set out by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in the special provision SV 376 for the transport of critically defective lithium batteries.

An all-round design for enhancing safety and convenience
"Fast, exciting and technically sophisticated – this is Formula E. The cars travel round the globe and are some of the most well-designed machines in the world. Our K470 Battery Box provides the teams with the assurance that they can transport their batteries in the safest way possible. In addition, it reduces risks to a minimum in the event that batteries become damaged," says ZARGES Sales Manager UK Neil Harper.

Besides motorsports, lithium-ion batteries are used in a whole host of items found in everyday life – from cordless tools to e-bikes. It is hence imperative to handle them with care. The comprehensive range of ZARGES dangerous goods cases help ensure safe storage and transport of sensitive goods. The K470 series offers a unique selection of cases in 25 sizes. Moreover, ZARGES is constantly working on expanding this product range to accommodate other types of batteries.

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