ZARGES expands its portfolio: New access solutions for commercial vehicles and buses

Weilheim, Germany, 17September 2019 – Maintaining your footing: work on buses, lorries and other commercial vehicles are often performed under conditions that require special safety precautions. To minimise the risk of accident happening to maintenance technicians and mechanics, ZARGES has introduced a series of height-adjustable products into its portfolio of work platforms. These work platforms and access equipment can be designed and made to a customer's specific requirements. Thanks to ZARGES' many years of experience as a specialist in access, packaging, transportation and storage solutions, users can benefit from having enhanced safety and short delivery times.

Following its entry into the aviation and rail transport sectors, ZARGES is now expanding into the road segment – one of the most important modes of transport – by adding work platforms and access solutions for road vehicles to its product range. A print brochure published by the manufacturer provides an overview of its products for this sector. Key innovation: the company is now also offering equipment that facilitates access to a lorry's cargo space in response to the growing awareness of the need to enhance lorry drivers' safety. Furthermore, thanks to the combination of the lightweight aluminium construction and the in-house developed height-adjustment feature, many of these mobile maintenance platforms can be moved and operated easily by just one person.

Customised solutions with short delivery times
Users also have the option of putting together the right solution for their needs from a wide range of access steps with platform, front access platforms, and roof access platforms and stands. To do so, they can use the reliable online configurator or approach their local ZARGES sales office for on-site consultation. Generally, all products can be customised to suit the dimensions of the vehicle to be maintained without resulting in long delivery times. ZARGES also ensures that these products comply with the standards EN 14122, EN 131-7 and EN 1090.

"Having flexible and safe access to every area of a commercial vehicle is a requirement to help ensure maintenance or routine work can be performed smoothly and prevent workplace accidents," says Joost Knapen, ZARGES Head of Marketing and Product Management. "We draw on our decades of experience to achieve cost-efficient solutions that offer the highest level of safety."



ZARGES GmbH, based in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria, is a global player with a workforce of approximately 800 and 3 production sites in Europe. Innovative technologies and established experience with high-quality aluminium make ZARGES a leading company in the three major business sectors Access - Packaging, Transportation, Storage - Special Construction. ZARGES products combine the multiple benefits of the light metal material aluminium such as high stability with low weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. ZARGES has the right product for every need and can also offer customised solutions. Regardless of whether they are from the service, retail, skilled trades or business sector or are private individuals: our customers value ZARGES as a reliable partner and benefit from the quality, expertise and comprehensive service that they enjoy for many years after purchasing ZARGES products. More information:

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