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Access solutions for rail vehicles

Whether it's a customised or standard solution – your requirement is our challenge.

We never lose sight of your project. And we are still there for you when it's all wrapped up.

For aluminium systems and special solutions made from aluminium, ZARGES is the specialist you need. That's why we also handle the restoration and renovation of cable cars, and we can face the challenges of such a task with confidence.

We have the know-how we have gained since the 1960s in the construction and manufacturing of aerial tramways, for example the cable railways at Eibsee or Alpspitz, the Nebelhorn and Fellhorn cable railways in Oberstdorf, the Schnalztal in South Tirol and the Hochriesbahn at the Chiemsee lake.

Since 2011, we have focused exclusively on the repair of cable car cabins.


On-site consultation carried out by ZARGES field service and our project engineers.
Online consultation with detailed configurators.


Design and costing: Informative quotes with all relevant information and 3D CAD files.
You will receive models and drawings for your approval.


On-site assembly by the ZARGES assembly team, including customer inspection and individual training.
Handover of technical documentation on use of the product.

Service and support

Reliable supply of spare parts. Helpful training courses to teach qualified personnel how to inspect the access equipment.
Legally required on-site product inspections by trained ZARGES employees.

Mobile access solutions by ZARGES

01 Rail pit boards

  • Suitable for all kinds of rail fastening system.
  • Customised platform solutions for bridging rail pits.

You can select between the following options

  • Platform surface Serrated aluminium, ribbed aluminium plate, and grating made of steel, stainless steel or GRP.ƒ
  • Landings.
  • Access from the rail pit.
  • Padding and visual markings.
Comfort version.
Basic version.
Rail pit board, mobile with rail brake.
Simple design, stationary inboard and traversable.

02 Access steps

  • Customised variants for parallel or front access doors.
Height-adjustable, parallel access steps.
Fixed-height access steps.
Fixed-height, frontal access steps.

03 Front working platforms

  • Access for working on the windscreen, windscreen wiper or the destination indicator.
  • Suitable for all kinds of rail vehicles and track widths thanks to its adaptable contour.
  • With optional two-way chassis for moving onto normal workshop floors, rails or elevated tracks.
  • Standard heights of 1,500-2,300 mm / 2,100-3,500 mm.
  • Standard widths: 2,500/3,200 mm
  • Standard length: 1,000 mm.
  • Other dimensions available on request.
  • Completely flat construction for vehicles with a low- or high-hanging pilot.
Electrically height-adjustable with access
Electrically height-adjustable, simultaneous working at the front and sides.
Mechanically height-adjustable platform with rail-guided chassis and adaptation to contours.
Hydraulically height adjustment.
Adaptation to contours.
Height-adjustable front work platform with rail-guided chassis.
Rail-guided chassis optional.

04 Side working platforms

  • Access for working along the train, doors and windows.
  • Side working platforms available at different heights and with different types of access.
Height-adjustable from 1,000–2,700 mm, brace free.
Fixed height with frontal stair
Height-adjustable with internal steps.
Height-adjustable from 400–3,000 mm with vertical ladder access.
Side working platform with fixed height.

05 Roof working platforms

  • Single- or two-sided access for safe working on roofs.
  • Choose the type of access according to the use case and space available.
Portal roof work platform, rail-guided.
Telescopic front fall protection.
Height-adjustable with folding guardrail cage.
Height-adjustable by crane with telescopic front fall protection.
Height-adjustable guardrail cage with fixed height.

06 Portal roof working platforms

  • ƒƒRigid connection of both sides with fall protection at the front for enclosed/safe working space.
  • Stationary or mobile.
  • Roof access on both sides with simultaneous side access through the second level.
  • Different mobility options (floor, rails, guide rails on the vehicle).
Electric height-adjustment (700–4.300 mm), electric lengthways rail movement
Portal roof work platform, two levels, rail-guided.
Mobile jib crane for train-roof components.
Portal roof work platform, two levels, step access.
Roof access, two levels, brace free framework for simultaneous side access.

Modular system for mobile access solutions

  • The combination of standardised aluminium constructions allows personnel to flexibly access different vehicles.
  • The main components of this modular system are work platforms, platforms, modules, steps, railings and handrails.
  • All platforms can be easily and quickly combined with each other to create flexible working spaces according to requirements.
Combination example: All-round platforms.
Combination example: Modular, height-adjustable lengthways combination.
Combination example: Coupling of two portal roof work platforms.
Combination example: U-shape

Stationary access solutions by ZARGES

07 Roof working stands

For access to and work on the roof or in the roof area of rail vehicles or buses:

  • Reduces idle times due to short set-up times and maximum work safety.
  • Optimal contour adaption thanks to electric motor-operated extensions that can be individually and fully extended to leave no gap.
  • Depending on the hall layout, the scaffolding is divided into customised individual segments (system modular kit).
  • Including installation of electric, compressed air, water and lighting.

Examples of variants:

Approx. 1,300 m length, 3 tracks, suspended from the ceiling. Mobile overhead crane with swivel arm per track to 250 m length.
For ICE maintenance with approx. 920 m length. Cantilever arm technology, raised on stands and suspended from the ceiling. Connection to hall pillars.
Approx. 1,050 m length,ƒƒ raised on stands, ceiling suspended, accessible fall protections. Mobile front fall protections.
Approx. 92 m length. Cantilever arm technology, connection to hall construction, ƒƒswivelling steps.
Approx. 188 m length, on both sides at 2 tracks. Bracket technology, connection to hall construction, sensor-controlled front fall protection.
Length approx. 42 m, raised on stands with accessible fall protection,ƒƒ mechanically cranked extensions, attached storage area.

08 Assembly stands – universal platform system

Equipment and details:

  • Made especially for extension and final assembly of rail vehicles and buses.
  • Contours and platform heights can be adapted according to customer specifications.
  • System modules with product catalogue
  • Platforms with cantilever arm system for best possible access to all relevant assembly locations.
  • Fixed or height-adjustable platform system for optimal access and ergonomics while working.
  • Front fall protection devices can be adjusted according to the type of vehicle in the stands and allow personnel to work safely at all times.
  • Platform surface made of textured plywood panel for good anti-slip properties
    as well as low foot noise generation.
  • Load capacity of up to 500 kg/m².
  • Supporting structure made of hot-dip galvanised or varnished steel.
  • Aluminium stairs that can be attached in- or outside.
  • Fall protection thanks to railings on all sides of the platform, with an option between a detachable and a fixed variant.
  • Impact protection made of plastic for protecting the vehicles in the stands.

Special solutions for rail vehicles and buses

Do you have any questions concerning our solutions for rail vehicles and buses.

We deliver customised solutions – tailored exactly for your vehicles and facilities and in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 – Quality management, DIN EN ISO 14122 – Permanent means of access to machinery, DIN EN 1090 – Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures, and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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