Store and transport sensitive goods under perfect conditions.

Cases solutions for vaccine transportation

Temperature controlled, impact resistant, reusable

Solutions for safe transport & storage for vaccines

In the common fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, nationwide vaccination is an important component. For fast and efficient transport to the vaccination centres, manufacturers such as Pfizer or Moderna and transport companies can rely on customised packaging solutions from ZARGES:

Storage and transport at low temperatures in containers that are light, robust and easily stackable.

New challenges, established solutions: ZARGES transport and storage cases for vaccine doses

As the world's leading supplier of storage and transport containers for medical products and hazardous goods, ZARGES offers a range of solutions for shipping goods in extreme temperatures. These include the K470 universal container, a lightweight aluminium solution available in 25 standard sizes and capacities from 13 to 829 litres, which can be specified according to customer-specific requirements.

The containers fulfilled the toughened test requirements, such as passing a drop test from a height of 9 m. Models of all sizes in the K 470 series can be used to transport substances assigned to UN 3373. Dry ice or other coolants can be used for temperature-controlled transport.