Automated procurement with minimal effort

ZARGES is expanding its digital services by launching a B2B customer portal

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Weilheim, Germany, 12 May 2020 – In an age of growing digitisation and speed, efficient processes are an important factor in order to act quickly. With the help of information available online, processes can be implemented in a way that is not only convenient and uncomplicated, but also time-saving and location-independent. Quick, personalised and automated – access and transport equipment specialist ZARGES set out these benefits during the development of its new B2B customer portal "myZARGES", which is now available online as the latest addition to the company's existing range of digital services.

Good retail businesses and efficient industrial processes have one thing in common: They are based on quickly accessible and accurate information, efficient and targeted communication and tested and automated business processes. In order to support its customers, ZARGES has developed the new "myZARGES" platform that combines many convenient self-service functions in one place. A clear dashboard initially offers the user a precise overview and quick access to all functions. From there, users are able to access daily updated product and marketing information in the form of current data sheets, BMEcat catalogues or complete image archives.

In addition, ZARGES is focusing particularly on simplifying the day-to-day business of its customers. Not only are price and availability enquiries possible within seconds, but also orders for the complete range at individual conditions. A quick-order function, which, among other things, greatly simplifies the processing of extensive order lists, as well as an overview of the entire order history for simple and fast replacement, complement the functionalities.

myZARGES also offers an attractive solution for complex organisations: a myZARGES account can be shared by several employees and teams, whose roles and authorisations can be freely configured by the customer. With the new portal, ZARGES is adding another convenient and individual option to the existing range of e-procurement methods available to its customers, which include electronic data exchange (EDI) and online marketplaces (such as nexmart and Mercateo).

One portal – many possibilities

With the customer portal, ZARGES is taking another step towards digital transformation and helping its customers simplify processes such as data acquisition and material procurement. "The objective of the customer portal is to provide our customers with even better support and to continuously optimise business relations," says ZARGES Head of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Valentin Sauer. The portal is currently available in Germany and Spain but is already being planned for more countries. "The B2B customer portal is the ideal solution for customers that strive for a higher degree of automation beyond what email, phone or fax can offer, but want to avoid complicated and expensive software integrations," adds Valentin Sauer. "Our customers' feedback is extremely important in this regard. It helps us to continuously optimise our services and offer our customers the best solution possible."



ZARGES GmbH, based in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria, is a global player with a workforce of approximately 800 and 3 production sites in Europe. Innovative technologies and established experience with high-quality aluminium make ZARGES a leading company in the three major business sectors Access - Packaging, Transportation, Storage - Special Constructions. ZARGES products combine the multiple benefits of the light metal material aluminium such as high stability with low weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. ZARGES has the right product for every need and can also offer customised solutions. Regardless of whether they are from the service, retail, skilled trades or business sector or are private individuals: our customers value ZARGES as a reliable partner and benefit from the quality, expertise and comprehensive service that they enjoy for many years after purchasing ZARGES products. More information: