Clever universal solution for transporting lithium-ion batteries at risk of fire

The new ZARGES K 470 battery box universal hazardous goods packaging provides effective protection for hazardous goods

In a direct comparison, the advantages of the ZARGES Akku Safe Universal become clear.

Weilheim, Germany, June 2021 – Lithium-ion batteries are used as a power source in a wide range of applications, including drones, e-bikes, cars, power tools and solar energy storage systems. These batteries are considered hazardous goods. Therefore, anyone transporting such batteries must make sure they comply with all relevant regulations concerning hazardous goods transport. In particular, the carriage of batteries at risk of fire is subject to very stringent requirements. With the newly developed K 470 battery box universal hazardous goods packaging, the access and transport solution specialist ZARGES offers a safe solution for this. The transport box, which will be available from June 2021, also boasts impressive durability and an extensive selection of accessories.

The K 470 battery box universal is a new iteration of the K 470 battery safe box, an already well-established solution for carrying lithium-ion batteries. The new product can be used as an approved hazardous goods packaging for lithium-ion batteries according to UN 3480 and UN 3481 and is likewise suitable for transporting prototypes (ADR P 910), damaged or defective batteries (ADR SP 376, P 908), or critically defective batteries (ADR SP 376, P 911). Even batteries due for disposal or recycling (ADR P 909) can be transported safely inside the K 470 battery box universal.

Tested, all-round safety

Every item of hazardous goods packaging made by ZARGES undergoes extensive testing during development. For example, the K 470 battery box universal has passed fire tests involving critically defective lithium batteries with a rated capacity of more than 1,000 Wh. During the fire tests, the outer surface of the container must not become hotter than 100 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, there should be no flames or fragments escaping the container in the event of an accident. On top of being highly user-friendly, the K 470 battery box universal is even suitable for the carriage of high-performance batteries (e.g. those used in power tools) due to its high dielectric strength. Both its padding and absorbent material are dust-free, fireproof and non-conductive. Based on the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), the product can also be used for air shipment. The case features an interior that can be adapted as required, a compact overall size, and comfort fasteners that allow for the case to be opened and closed quickly and effortlessly. A wide range of accessories are also available for the K 470 battery box universal, making it a reliable companion for anyone who needs to ensure safe transport of lithium-ion batteries.

The right complete solutions

In addition to the K 470 battery box universal, ZARGES offers a large selection of hazardous goods packaging in different sizes and designs and also provides the appropriate advice. The packaging specialist also utilises its decades of experience in manufacturing UN-approved aluminium containers to develop and design customised transport solutions for customers with special packaging requirements. As an authorised test centre, the company is permitted to perform testing on hazardous goods packaging and to apply for type approval.

"When it comes to the safety and protection of people, there is no compromise. The K 470 battery box universal is a versatile product that can even be used as hazardous goods packaging to carry critically defective batteries. With our range of products, users can find an appropriate solution for their needs that complies with stringent statutory requirements and offers ease of use, quality and durability," explains Mareike Bleile, Product Manager Logistics Industry at ZARGES.

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