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ZARGES supports charity organisation “EinDollarBrille” with durable transport boxes

Joubert Katenga & Geoffrey James packing the equipment.

Weilheim, Germany, May 2021 – For many people in developing countries it is not a matter of course to be able to afford vision aid to help them see better. The charity organisation “EinDollarBrille” aims to create a perspective for these people by offering them affordable glasses. Access and logistics equipment expert ZARGES has been supporting the organisation for more than two years by donating sturdy and durable ZARGES boxes.

According to the charity organisation “EinDollarBrille”, based in Erlangen (Germany), poor vision leads to significant loss of income for those affected: children are unable to learn properly and adults unable to work. This is why EinDollarBrille trains people in developing countries in the manufacture of eyeglasses and to become optical specialists. Founded in 2012, the organisation sends its team to rural areas because many of the residents can't afford to travel to cities. Once on site, team members test the vision of villagers and subsequently manufacture the vision aid by using a simple bending machine that doesn't require electricity to run. The materials cost around one US dollar. EinDollarBrille is currently active in nine countries across South America, Asia and Africa. Amongst those countries is Malawi, where the donated ZARGES boxes are used on a daily basis. During the course of their work, the people in charge also promote intercultural exchange in the respective countries. For example, during World Women’s Day 2021, members of the charity in Lilongwe (Malawi) worked with the Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) to organise an eye camp for those affected.

"When we visit the villages, ZARGES boxes are always part of our equipment and make an invaluable contribution to our day-to-day work. This is demonstrated by the fact that the boxes have already sustained a few dents and scratches along the way, which in turn highlights the importance of durable boxes for our work," says Samuel Richard, EinDollarBrille Quality Manager in Malawi.

"It is important to us to give something back to the society. This is why we donated to EinDollarBrille, an organisation committed to providing basic optical care in countries where this is not a matter of course. With our our ZARGES boxes, we are helping to give people better future opportunities," explains Mareike Bleile, Product Manager Logistics Industry at ZARGES.


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