Customised for a perfect fit. ZARGES starts its own foam production for transport boxes in Weilheim.

Weilheim, Germany, 13th. February 2020 – Whether used to carry electronics and components, measurement devices, defence equipment, tools or medical equipment: aluminium cases made by ZARGES can be found in many different industries. Precisely fitting foam inserts that are tailored to their intended use ensure safe transport of the equipment. In order to meet the specific needs of customers even more precisely, ZARGES, a specialist in packaging and transport, started manufacturing its own foam inserts in January 2020 at its Weilheim facility, which produces the proven universal cases and transport cases made of aluminium.

To accommodate the in-house foam production plant, ZARGES created a production area covering around 400 square metres. Various production systems have been installed throughout, including a splitting machine, a laminating line, a band saw, a water jet cutter and a CNC milling machine including plotter. The in-house foam production plant, in accordance with DIN EN 7715 Part 5 Class P1 to P3, has decisive advantages for the user: it means that ZARGES can supply its transport cases as a complete solution from a single source and thus also offer optimum after-sales service.

Manufacturing with method
With foam inserts, the transported items take up as little space as possible, are arranged systematically, and are protected during transportation. They are used to transport sensitive electronic equipment, for instance, or to store tools and measuring instruments. For the German Armed Forces, for example, ZARGES has developed a customised solution to meet their specific operational requirements. ZARGES’ specific manufacturing expertise is most evident when it comes to tailored solutions: thanks to the modular and customised components, both the transport cases and the foam inserts can be suitably configured and expanded as required. The foam inserts are manufactured according to the customer’s requirements and the intended use – they range from simple linings to multi-layered or structured inserts. Requirements for conductive, antistatic or flame-retardant properties, or resistance to UV, temperature, mineral oil and chemicals can be met just as easily as special colour requests and haptic or optical requirements.

“With our own foam production plant at the facility where our universal cases are manufactured, we can offer our customers numerous advantages. For example, we can reduce throughput times and thus also delivery times. Since we now offer our solutions from a single source, we can also respond even better to specific customer requirements”, says Michael Bartel, Project Coordinator for Foam Production at ZARGES. “And we go even further than this: in future, we want to use our foam inserts for other purposes too. We are planning to use them as drawer inserts for modular care and organisation trolleys, for example, so we can serve other industries as well.”

ZARGES GmbH, based in Weilheim in Upper Bavaria, is a global player with a workforce of approximately 800 and 3 production sites in Europe. Innovative technologies and established experience with high-quality aluminium make ZARGES a leading company in the three major business sectors Access - Packaging, Transportation, Storage - Special Constructions. ZARGES products combine the multiple benefits of the light metal material aluminium such as high stability with low weight, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. ZARGES has the right product for every need and can also offer customised solutions. Regardless of whether they are from the service, retail, skilled trades or business sector or are private individuals: our customers value ZARGES as a reliable partner and benefit from the quality, expertise and comprehensive service that they enjoy for many years after purchasing ZARGES products. More information:

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