PaxTower: Handiness in a new dimension

The new ZARGES folding scaffold stands out with its exceptional ruggedness and handiness

Also quickly and easily assembled for safe work at great heights.

Weilheim, Germany, 24 June 2020 – Complicated and time-consuming scaffold structures are now part of the past: The new "PaxTower" folding scaffold by the access equipment specialist is equipped with three special handling features that allow users to reach working heights of up to 7.65 metres safely and easily. The sturdy design, in accordance with the new DIN EN 1004 specifications with the S-Plus advanced guardrail, also ensures safe working at heights at all times. The new ZARGES PaxTower folding scaffold will be available from specialist retailers starting autumn 2020.

Handiness, occupational safety and time saving: three terms that can rarely be reconciled when preparing work at great heights when it comes to protecting users from accidents. Furthermore, extensive and complicated superstructures with additional safety measures take a lot of time away from users. It is therefore crucial that access equipment should not only be quick and easy to use, but also reduce workload while offering the highest level of safety possible. "During the development of the new PaxTower, it was very important to us to design a handy and sturdy piece of equipment that offers exceptional value for money," says ZARGES Product Manager for scaffolding Höbke Thomssen.

Handy and convenient

The folding scaffold with platform dimensions of 1.80 x 0.72 metres enables a working height of up to 7.65 metres, is assigned to scaffolding group three according to DIN EN 1004 and can withstand loads of up to 200 kilograms per square metre. Its sturdy construction makes it particularly resistant and thus ideal for use in trade. Another special feature is the handy assembly/disassembly with three special features that ensure maximum comfort. "Smooth running slip-on guides made of hard plastic, known as nylon tapers, make it very easy to connect push-on frames. The toe board is designed to move into the right position almost by itself. And the folding mechanism with one-hand operation ensures that the PaxTower can be set up in no time," explains Höbke Thomssen.

DIN EN 1004: Focus on exceptional safety

There are two fundamental changes in the new DIN EN 1004 that are specifically intended to improve protection for scaffold users: Firstly, the allowable distance between platforms has been reduced from 4.20 to 2.25 metres, and the maximum allowable distance from the ground to the first platform has been lowered from 4.60 to 3.40 metres. Secondly, the standard now includes small scaffoldings with a platform height of less than 2.50 metres. "Particularly the second point is a crucial step towards further enhancing workplace safety," Höbke Thomssen comments. In this way, a complete guardrail is mandatory right from the start and the requirement for stability (in the form of ballast or outriggers) is drastically increased.

"Occupational safety has always been the focus at ZARGES. This is why we have already taken the relevant key points of the new DIN EN 1004 into account during the development of the PaxTower in order to offer users the highest level of safety", says Höbke Thomssen. The folding scaffold has two assembly variants: Firstly, with guardrails and diagonal braces as standard, and secondly with the proven S-Plus guardrail in front with a platform spacing of two metres. Due to the high level of occupational safety, the purchase is subsidised by the Employer's Liability Insurance Association of the Construction Industry (BG BAU) with up to 50 percent.

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