Sustainability: "Identify goals. Set goals. Achieve goals."

ZARGES publishes guidelines for sustainable practices

Presentation of the certificate "Climate Neutral Company 2020/21" by our sustainability consultancy Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG.

The 4 pillars of sustainability.

Weilheim, Germany, February 3, 2021 – Sustainability for future generations is a topic that is becoming increasingly important worldwide in all industries and areas of life. All three pillars of sustainability – environment, economics, social aspects – have been gaining attention and pose a challenge to companies and their products over the entire life cycle. ZARGES, an expert in access solutions, understands its responsibility in this regard and has taken the opportunity to create a set of guidelines that define sustainable practices group-wide. The guidelines are based on the Sustainability Compass framework established by the International Sustainability Accelerator Network.

To ZARGES and its parent company WernerCo, sustainability means much more than just environmental protection: it also entails acting in a manner that is environmentally, economically and socially sound and using resources responsibly in the interest of future generations. This current set of guidelines is aimed at providing both internal and external stakeholders with all relevant information and therefore transparently communicating the opportunities and challenges as well as goals for further improvement. In addition to the well-known three-pillar concept of sustainability based on the Sustainability Compass framework of the Sustainability Accelerator Network, this set of guidelines includes another aspect that is relevant to ZARGES: "Safety". Safety is a core competence of ZARGES and is also something that the manufacturer of safety-related equipment wants to contribute to the society.

Corporate mission statement as a guide for the sustainability strategy

ZARGES' mission statement serves the foundation for achieving the goals. It also informs the company's culture and day-to-day conduct. A particular emphasis is placed on the employees with the values to work as a team, behave with integrity, offer customers the best possible service and products, be forward-thinking, continue improving and growing, and act with success in mind. This philosophy was incorporated during the development of the sustainability strategy and transformed into a path that determines how ZARGES manages sustainability. With the motto "Identify goals. Set goals. Achieve goals." ZARGES regards sustainability as a universal principle that shapes all areas of the company and that will be constantly refined. Everything in this respect is overseen by the Sustainability Council, a specially appointed committee consisting of employees and managers.

Looking ahead: focusing on fields of action

The new set of guidelines for sustainable practices describes the current status of all defined fields of action and outlines the goals for the coming years. For example, ZARGES has already acquired several carbon certificates, making it one of the first companies in the industry to voluntarily offset its carbon emissions according to the Kyoto Protocol. The use of the recyclable material aluminium also helps the company raise its product recycling rate to almost up to 100 percent. Furthermore, durable designs and constantly improving production processes ensure that ZARGES can continue lowering its emissions, material use and energy consumption over the next few years.

The company's supply chain is likewise constantly monitored. ZARGES is committed to the fundamental principles set out by the International Labour Organization and has incorporated all relevant points in its compliance guidelines. Its partners and suppliers are chosen based on detailed criteria so that the company can live up to its own high standards. ZARGES furthers its commitment by supporting regional social projects and offering numerous employee benefits. In terms of economic sustainability, ZARGES strives to maintain a long-term growth strategy and avoid conducting business beyond its natural means. Through its products and services, ZARGES also contributes significantly to enhancing workplace safety both within and outside the company. As an example, regular inspections and training are conducted to better safeguard the health and safety of employees.

Heading into the future with a plan

The company's goal is to continue improving existing measures from year to year and conveying the efforts in a transparent manner. "With the new initiative relating to the guidelines for sustainable practices, we at ZARGES are fulfilling our responsibility towards the environment, society and people. Evaluating all our current processes and constantly optimising our practices for sustainability are just the first step. Sustainability is not a marketing instrument to us, but rather a commitment," explains Maximilian Treptow, Managing Director at ZARGES. "Our aspiration is to combine long-term economic value creation with environmental and social responsibility as well as to achieve greater occupational safety. Moving forward, we plan to publish our guidelines for sustainable practices annually and update the document with other key figures and goals. In doing so, we are not only allowing for transparent communication but also equipping ourselves with an internal instrument that will keep driving us forward."

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