ZARGES Cases solutions for vaccine transportation

ZARGES, the hazardous goods case specialist, is putting the spotlight on safety with its transportation solutions which are safe for use at very low temperatures.

As the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccination begins to be rolled-out nationwide, much thought has been given to safely transporting the inoculation, with both the Pfizer and Moderna variants having to be stored safely at low temperatures, to guarantee usability. For the transport operators tasked with shipping these vaccines, it is absolutely vital to ensure they are delivered safely in a strong, lightweight but robust container.

As a global leader in storage and transport containers for medical products and hazardous goods, ZARGES offers a range of solutions for shipping goods at extreme temperatures. These include the K470 universal container, a lightweight, aluminium solution which is available in 25 standard sizes and capacities, from 13 to 829 litres, and can be specified based on customer-specific requirements.

Hazardous goods may only be transported in packaging that meets strict safety standards criteria, and has been approved by the relevant authorities. For many years ZARGES has been producing UN-approved container system in aluminium with its own type-testing facility, which is approved and monitored by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), with a wide range of UN approvals including UN3373

Mareike Bleile, Product Manager for Logistics and Industry at ZARGES, said: “The roll-out of the first COVID-19 vaccination is obviously fantastic news, but the specific circumstances in which the vaccines can be transported highlights the importance of a robust logistics infrastructure to get it out to as many people as possible. At ZARGES, we’re proud of our extensive heritage in hazardous goods transportation, and to be able to provide a market-leading transportation solution for the healthcare industry at such a crucial time; rigorously tested and supremely durable, the K470 range guarantees safe delivery, whatever the content.”

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