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ZARGES es sinónimo desde hace más de 80 años de calidad absoluta con innovación continua en los ámbitos de accesos, embalaje y transporte; así como en soluciones especiales. ZARGES es la primera empresa de construcción con metal ligero de Europa y lleva a cabo actualmente una actividad internacional desde su sede en Weilheim (Alta Baviera, Alemania), con aproximadamente 800 empleados y tres plantas de producción en Europa.
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Historia de ZARGES

En 1933 nacía en Stuttgart (Alemania) una pequeña empresa: ZARGES Leichtmetallbau. El fundador de la empresa, Walther Zarges, hizo realidad su sueño de crear una empresa que facilitara la vida a las personas.

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Las empresas como ZARGES deben servir de ejemplo. Nuestra misión autoimpuesta es la sostenibilidad. Con ella y con nuestro código de conducta deseamos asumir nuestra responsabilidad a nivel local y global.
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Ofertas de trabajo ZARGES

Aquí encontrará nuestras ofertas de trabajo actuales. Si encuentra la que se ajusta a su perfil, nos encantará que se ponga en contacto con nosotros por escrito escribiendo a la dirección indicada o por correo electrónico a personal@zarges.de.
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Safely defusing icy time bombs

ZARGES explains what you need to take note of when de-icing commercial vehicles

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Versatility redefined: ZARGES modular supply trolleys help optimise logistic processes in the healthcare sector

The MPO supply trolley can be customised with various components to suit any applications

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TRBS 2121-2: Stricter rules for occupational safety – revision of technical rules for operational safety for ladders

Ladders are convenient tools for tradespeople and technicians. At the same time, they are some of the most dangerous work equipment, accounting for almost 50 per cent of all fall-related accidents. To prevent accidents and injury, the relevant committee within the German Federal Ministry of Labour...

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inter airport 2019: Unveiling of the helicopter maintenance platform compliant with DIN EN 12312-8

Weilheim, Germany, 25 September 2019 – Helicopters and their sensitive equipment require regular, time-intensive maintenance and repair. To ensure that work can be carried out as efficiently and safely as possible, ZARGES offers a comprehensive portfolio of access equipment for servicing, repair and...

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ZARGES expands its portfolio: New access solutions for commercial vehicles and buses

Weilheim, Germany, 17September 2019 – Maintaining your footing: work on buses, lorries and other commercial vehicles are often performed under conditions that require special safety precautions. To minimise the risk of accident happening to maintenance technicians and mechanics, ZARGES has...

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Digital procurement – the golden path to better customer experience in the B2B industry

More and more manufacturers are using online configurators for their products as a method of customer retention

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Racing into the new motorsport season with electric power

The ZARGES K470 Battery Box allows lithium-ion batteries to be transported safely

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Professional ladder inspection protects workers and company resources

Weilheim, 10 December 2018 – Accident statistics show that injuries are almost bound to happen whenever ladders are not used properly or do not stand up to work-related requirements. According to BG BAU (German statutory accident insurance for the building industry), ladder instability alone...

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Setting off for the top: ZARGES presents new access equipment portfolio at LogiMAT 2019

Making work easy and efficient: the new ZAP lift for the maintenance sector and cases for transporting sensitive goods

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Safe and ice-free on the road in winter: ZARGES presents modular de-icing and maintenance platforms for trucks

New standard product can be modularly expanded and offers a stable surface for safe working.

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30,000 arguments for standard-compliant ladders.

Ladders are ubiquitous in industry and crafts. However, more than 8,000 employees in the construction industry suffer accidents each year due to a fall – across all sectors there are up to 30,000.

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New trend on construction sites: Platform ladders are overtaking rung ladders in terms of safety

ZARGES platform ladders eligible for BG Bau subsidies offer greater protection and also promise optimal handling.

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New, versatile organisation and transport trolley by ZARGES makes care more attractive

The modular nursing and organisation trolleys can be easily modified with accessories to adapt to each application without using any tools.

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What happens when a rechargeable battery is defective?

Tips on how to handle damaged lithium-ion batteries during transport

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New website for ZARGES

It has been five years since the last time zarges.com got a fresh coat of paint. ZARGES GmbH, a pioneer in access technology and packaging solutions, has now completely revamped its internet presence for Europe. The ultimate goal of this overhaul is to meet the most demanding of customer...

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