Aluminium cases and storage boxes for boating & fishing

Keeping your seamen's yarn and other equipment safe and dry on sea

Aluminium tackle boxes and storage boxes for boats

✔ Protection against water ingress through splashing or immersion
✔ Resistant  against  salty water
✔ Lockable

To be able to fully enjoy long boat trips and unadulterated fishing adventures, you shouldn't forget about protecting your equipment, which is quite expensive for the most part. Over the course of many boating and fishing seasons, aluminium cases have stood out as one of the best solutions for equipment protection. On the one hand, smaller boxes are primarily suited for safekeeping and transporting small items (such as fishing baits, money or documents). On the other hand, with a capacity of over 800 litres, larger boxes can be used to hold very large items and securely store travel equipment for longer trips as they are equipped with large, ergonomic fasteners that can be fitted with padlocks.

The aluminium box for every seafarer: divers, sailors, fishers & captains.

You will immediately notice the advantages ZARGES boxes have over conventional fabric or plastic boxes when using them for the first time. Regardless of whether you have plenty of space or require a smaller box due to space limitations – you will find just the right boat storage box or tackle box in ZARGES' range of aluminium cases.

✔ Resistant to salty water
✔ Protection against rain, water splashes and dust  (IP54,  IP65  or  IP67)
✔ Can optionally come with stacking corners or built-in wheels
✔ Sturdy and lockable to prevent theft
✔ Not sensitive to heat or cold
✔ Large handles and fasteners

Securely install boat storage boxes and make optimal use of them.

Space is at a premium on motorboats, sailboats, rowboats and fishing boats. To help you make optimal use of space, ZARGES aluminium cases can be used for more than just storing things. A few simple steps are all it takes to convert our cases into comfortable seating furniture. This helps you save space by combining storage and seating into one piece of equipment.At the same time, it is crucial that cases or boxes are properly secured on the deck.Our boxes and cases can be lashed or even bolted down to the ground to prevent them accidentally sliding around on a boat and causing injury or damage.

ZARGES aluminium boat storage boxes and tackle boxes let you protect your equipment from theft and environmental influences.

Made for divers.

It can quite a challenge to travel to a diving spot by plane or by car over rough terrain while carrying heavy diving gear – ZARGES aluminium boxes are suitable for use as diving boxes to safekeep your equipment. The sturdy aluminium cases are perfectly suited for securely carrying heavy diving equipment to lakes or sea.

✔ Sturdy handles & telescopic handles
✔ Optional large, all-terrain wheels are available
✔ Foam lining for protecting scuba gear and tanks
✔ Optional locks and anchoring cables are available

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