inter airport 2019: Unveiling of the helicopter maintenance platform compliant with DIN EN 12312-8

Weilheim, Germany, 25 September 2019 – Helicopters and their sensitive equipment require regular, time-intensive maintenance and repair. To ensure that work can be carried out as efficiently and safely as possible, ZARGES offers a comprehensive portfolio of access equipment for servicing, repair and maintenance of aircraft in both civil and non-civil applications. In time for inter airport 2019 held in Munich, a new helicopter maintenance platform that complies with the new DIN EN 12312-8 aircraft ground support equipment standard has been added to ZARGES' product range. Visitors can have a look at the platform for themselves from 8 to 11 October at Booth 1338 in Hall B5 and talk to ZARGES experts about its use and handling.

The new ZARGES maintenance platform compliant with DIN EN 12312-8 was specifically developed for Eurocopter EC135/145. It enables personnel to access a helicopter's engines, rotor head, rotor blades, upper fuselage and attachments both in a hangar and on an apron. The platform's telescopic pivoting height adjusters keep it stable and prevent it from wobbling when a person is performing work on a helicopter. In general, the platform can also be used for other similar helicopter models; however, it is necessary to perform a technical assessment to ensure compatibility with the model in question. The modular railing system offers maximum flexibility. It allows the platform to be tailored to meet each customer's specifications. The ability to adapt perfectly to specific contours (such as the shape of a fuselage or tail) also enhances occupational safety because a person can work on a helicopter without the presence of a gap between the aircraft and the platform. Another special feature: thanks to the maintenance platform's lightweight aluminium construction, just one person is required to operate it and adjust its height. Besides the model shown at inter airport, other configurations with manual or electric height adjustment are also available alongside accessories such as hook-on tool trays and other storage options.

For use in all kinds of weather
Refuelling is another integral part of the aviation sector. At inter airport, ZARGES will be showcasing a refuelling ladder and a two-axle mobile refuelling platform, both of which fulfil the requirements of the new DIN EN 12312-5. Since refuelling usually takes place outdoors on an apron, often under rough weather conditions, ZARGES has chosen to equip the models with secure handrails, wide treads and R13 anti-slip platform surface (the highest slip-resistance rating). A removable mount for an underwing refuelling nozzle is installed on the ladder's access section to allow refuelling to be carried out without requiring too much strength.

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