For us more than environmental protection

"For ZARGES, sustainability is much more than environmental protection. Of course, this is a central component, but it is essentially about preserving the development opportunities for future generations in every respect. Companies' value-added processes must be based on this, as must people's consumer behavior.

"For us, sustainability is not a marketing instrument, but a voluntary commitment that goes beyond pure climate protection. We strive to create more value with fewer resources and to do so in harmony with economic, ecological and social responsibility. The future ZARGES Sustainability Council is responsible for projects develop that helps us to achieve our goals step by step."

Maximilian Treptow, CEO

Focus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG has determined the climate impact associated with our companies for us: The operational emissions of ZARGES GmbH amount to approx. 4,400 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Accordingly, we have offset the annual CO2 emissions for 2021 by purchasing climate protection certificates, so that our company is one of the first in our industry to voluntarily offset its emissions in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.

Handover of the certificate "Climate Neutral Company 2020/21" by our sustainability consultancy Fokus Zukunft GmbH & Co. KG.

Our climate protection projects


Reforestation project with a total of 21,298 ha. Forest plantations for the production of high-quality, long-lasting wood products and for the storage of large amounts of carbon dioxide. Saving C02 / T per year: 127,416

ADPML Portel-Para REDD Project, Brazil

The main goal of the project is to avoid illegal logging in domestic forests, thus achieving CO2 storage of 10,564,630 tons of CO2 over a period of 41 years. Saving C02 / T per year: 264,116

"The three + 1 pillars of sustainability at ZARGES

The three pillars of sustainable development require that sustainability can only be achieved through the equal interplay of environmental, economic and social goals. In this way it can be ensured that the economic, ecological and social development of a society is steered in a positive way and that performance is improved across the board.

Pillar # 1 – ecological sustainability

Protection of the environment and nature. An economical and conscious use of energy, water and raw materials must be lived as a natural self-image. Especially with non-renewable raw materials. This is to avoid the harmful use of our ecosystem and instead promote biodiversity. Emissions apply to prevent it in any form (pollution of air, soil or water) and to process it in such a way that the pollution does not cause any damage.

Pillar # 2 – Social Sustainability

Fair pay, reasonable working conditions and the implementation of employee interests - the general welfare must always be taken into account and economic success must also be used to balance out social tensions and the unequal distribution of privileges in society.

Pillar # 3 – Economic Sustainability

Neither we as a company nor society are allowed to live and operate beyond natural conditions. Economy that is based on exploitation inevitably leads to losses for later generations and does not secure a long-term existence. Fair and social value creation is a principle of our corporate philosophy.

Pillar # 4 – Security

As a manufacturer of safety-relevant work equipment, ZARGES has committed to another pillar of sustainability: safety. With our products and processes, we ensure the safety of our employees, but also a safe working environment for our customers and thus contribute to better planning and secure employment.

The ZARGES sustainability strategy.
What we do and what we are specifically working on to improve.

Our ecological responsibility

Our ecological responsibility

With our products, we pay attention to long-lasting constructions and safe use. Due to our mainly used raw material aluminum, a recycling rate of up to almost 100% can be achieved. In addition, we have committed ourselves to environmentally friendly production processes and are optimizing our processes for better environmental compatibility (e.g. reducing packaging and print products to a minimum). The continuous saving of resources such as energy, water, materials and raw materials is not only part of our production strategy from an ecological point of view. Laws, guidelines and specifications are consistently implemented and the safety and efficiency of systems and production processes are continuously improved. In this way we achieve better results while at the same time reducing the environmental impact and the consumption of resources.

Unsere soziale Verantwortung

Unsere soziale Verantwortung

In our code of conduct we have formulated our framework for the application of ethical norms such as integrity, honesty or compliance with the law. It contains the principles and rules for our conduct within the company, with our partners and society. We choose our suppliers and partners from these points of view Within our sphere of influence, we pursue the observance and protection of human rights. Our value chain is based on compliance with social standards - these must also be met by our business partners. So we are constantly trying to expand our role in the enforcement of human rights and our social responsibility ZARGES strictly observes compliance with the basic principles of the International Labor Organization (ILO), such as protection and respect for the international
Human rights, recognition of the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, rejection of all forms of forced labor or child labor and no tolerance of discrimination in employment. Get involved additionally
we are involved in regional projects in order to live up to our social responsibility and promote the relief of workloads with home office, anti-stress and health courses, among other things.

Our economic responsibility

Our economic responsibility

For our internal and external stakeholders, especially our customers, sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. We see comprehensive sustainability thinking as an important economic opportunity that plays an important role in securing the long-term company. Accordingly, ZARGES bases its business decisions on realistic, economically sound and long-term goals and pursues a growth strategy. So that our products can also set themselves apart from the competition in the future, we are not only investing in a total of 39 colleagues from research and development, but also in product innovations and expanding the range of digital services.

Our responsibility for security

Our responsibility for security

In Germany there are over 25,000 reportable accidents with ladders and scaffolding in a commercial environment (source DGUV). In addition, there are 188,678 transports of dangerous goods in the EU (source: Eurostat). Figures that prove that we ensure safety with our products can have a lasting impact on people and the environment.Therefore, safety is a responsibility that we have internalized throughout the company and a characteristic that we make uncompromising in our products and services integrate. This is how we make our contribution to making everyday life safer. As a manufacturer of products and solutions that are relevant to occupational safety, safety at the workplace is also very important to ZARGES. We meet national and international regulations and reliably ensure the safest working conditions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. These safety standards are checked regularly in order to guarantee the occupational safety and health of the employees. We also offer comprehensive preventive measures and programs for the physical and mental health of our employees. With recurring safety seminars and audits, as well as special dangers adapted safety rules and risk assessments, we are committed to promoting a low-risk working environment. 

Code of Conduct

With the introduction of the Code of Conduct, we, the ZARGES GmbH, are taking another firm step towards fulfilling our global and local responsibilities.

Our Code of Conduct formulates our guidelines for the application of ethical standards such as integrity, honesty and compliance with the law. The Code of Conduct contains the basic principles and rules on how we conduct ourselves within the company and in relation to our external partners and the public.

Corruption distorts competition, leads to higher costs, can result in substantial fines and damage to the company's image, and endangers jobs in the company.

The competitiveness of ZARGES GmbH depends to a large extent on the fact that ZARGES GmbH and the members of its management, department heads and employees observe all applicable laws and other relevant provisions for legal and ethical conduct in their business decision-making and actions at home and abroad. Stable business cooperation for the benefit of all can only be achieved through fair competition and strict compliance with the law. Legitimate, responsible conduct within ZARGES GmbH is the basic prerequisite for maintaining the trust of customers and business partners.

An essential prerequisite for legal and ethical conduct is the avoidance of conflicts of interest between business and personal interests in connection with business contacts and business transactions. In this context, personal interests must never be the main motive behind a business transaction and should never take precedence over business interests. Corruption of any sort distorts competition, leads to higher costs, can result in substantial fines and damage to the company's image, and endangers jobs in the company. Corrupt behaviour and other forms of undue influence are therefore not tolerated within ZARGES GmbH or among its customers and business partners and violations are stringently pursued. A principle of zero tolerance principle is applied.

Violations are stringently pursued.
A principle of zero tolerance principle is applied.

This Code of Conduct sets out important standards which, in addition to the basic principles, set global benchmarks for the avoidance of conflicts of interest and corrupt behaviour by setting down clear guidelines for correct conduct, in particular with regard to the acceptance and granting of benefits to business partners in the day-to-day business activities of ZARGES GmbH.