Ladders, scaffolding & boxes for skilled trades and the construction industry

Easy to use & uncompromisingly safe

Whether it's a customised or standard solution – your requirement is our challenge.

We never lose sight of your project. And we are still there for you when it's all wrapped up.

With ZARGES ladders, scaffolding, cases and boxes, you won't have to worry about safety. You can fully trust the high safety standard of ZARGES products and concentrate on you work.

ZARGES has stood for first-rate quality, constant innovation and comprehensive service
for over 80 years. ZARGES products meet the highest quality requirements, and are reliable and durable.

ZARGES ladders, folding scaffold towers & work platforms – classic products that will take you to where you need to go safely.

A ladder is a typical piece of access equipment. They are quick to get out and put back, flexible, lightweight and compact. The selection of ladder types, folding scaffold towers and work platforms is so wide that you will definitely find an optimal solution that ensures maximum safety for every application. 

Above all, ladders are suitable for climbing to a higher working position or for performing quick jobs such as changing light bulbs, taking measurements, making adjustments or tensioning and releasing anchorings.

ZARGES mobile scaffold towers are the optimum solution whenever the work in hand takes longer but the time and effort required to set up stationary scaffolding is too great. This because they can they be quickly erected, but also flexibly moved from place to place thanks to the integrated castors and offer a safe and comfortable workplace.

"ZARGES boxes – made by professionals for professionals."

Whether you are using them for packaging, storage, transportation, organisation or protection: ZARGES has the optimal solution for you. We offer you a wide range of tried-and-tested, well-designed and practical products with the high quality and lasting value required in professional applications.

In addition, we have an extensive range of accessories for a wide variety of requirements. And constant availability and smooth supply of spare parts ensure that you do not lose valuable time in the execution of your work.

K 424 XC Mobile Box
The new K 424 XC combines the legendary quality of ZARGES cases with new mobility.
K 470 universal container
The K 470 product range offers an exceptional selection of 25 standard sizes. Their capacity ranges from 13 to 829 litres. Customised sizes are also available by request.
Eurobox as a toolbox
The sturdy and lightweight transportation and storage solution with distinctive blue corners, but here as a toolbox.
The sturdy and lightweight transportation and storage solution with distinctive blue corners and a comprehensive range of accessories.
A secure and efficient transport and storage solution, with a compact design.

Shaft covers & shaft ladders

We provide high-quality shaft ladders for civil and environmental engineering. Solutions you can depend on for sewage treatment plants, shaft constructions, drainage shafts and landfills. The range of products also includes shaft covers for wells, spring enclosures, elevated tanks and other utilities and disposal facilities. The shaft technology standards are to be observed:

  • DIN EN 14 396 shaft ladders
  • DIN 19 572 access aids
  • DIN EN 124 in conjunction with DIN 1229 shaft covers
  • DIN EN 1239 shaft covers (protruding with/without ventilation)
  • DIN EN 353-1 fall arrester system
  • Material according to use: stainless steel (V4A material no. 1.4571), stainless steel (V2A material no. 1.4301) for shaft covers, GRP (glass-fibre-reinforced plastic – resin-bonded), hot-dip galvanised steel, aluminium (e.g. for shaft covers according to EN 124 in conjunction with DIN 1229)

ZARGES shaft covers & access aids

Shaft covers complying to DIN 1239 – including ventilation chimney – or complying to DIN EN 124 – with different load classes for wells, spring enclosures, elevated tanks and other utilities and waste facilities. The entire range has been tested and recognised by the relevant safety institutions in compliance with DIN EN 124.

ZARGES access aids offer you safety when climbing into shafts or other vertically arranged access points to utilities facilities (gas, drinking water, electricity, district heating) and waste facilities (water treatment plants). The use of access aids meets the special requirements of the German accident prevention regulations (UVV).

ZARGES catalogue for tradesmen

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