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  1. 42885
    Megastep L
    Utility value meets design: the strongest of all ZARGES ladders with high load c... Learn More
  2. 42861
    Comfortstep L
    The ladder for maximum working comfort that is also a visual highlights. Learn More
  3. 42877
    Saferstep L
    The high non-slip performance of Safer Step Technology makes for comfortable and... Learn More
  4. 42739
    Seventec L
    The deep treads and the 7-point-scale rail joints ensure high comfort, secure fo... Learn More
  5. 42837
    Alto L
    The compact alternative - with respect to size, weight and price/performance rat... Learn More
  6. 42819
    Strato DL
    The inexpensive alternative for safe ascent and quick and flexible application. Learn More
  7. 42805
    EFA L
    The safety ladder for quick use in chemical or electrical environments. Learn More
  8. 22276
    Crestamax L
    The alternative material and price: comfortable grip at all temperatures, popula... Learn More
  9. 40011
    Compactstep L
    The world champion when it comes to space-saving: extremely small format for tra... Learn More
  10. 38623
    ZARGES Telemaster
    One ladder with multiple telescopic height options. Learn More
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Items 1-12 of 305

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Ladders are ubiquitous among access equipment
They are portable, light and compact and can be set up in no time. We supply different types of ladders, such as single ladders, rope-operated ladders, stepladders, multipurpose ladders and special ladders, for various applications. Our ladders are available not only in aluminium, but also in GRP and wood. You can also choose between rungs and treads for each ladder.

Always in use: Ladders have to withstand a lot of use
Ladders are always in use. Whether it is in a household, commercial, professional or industrial setting: ladders are essential for a wide range of tasks. You can find premium professional-quality ladders in ZARGES' portfolio. Our products are available in a wide range of models and configurations – there is a right ladder for every application.

Work safely at height using ladders with treads or wide rungs
Ladders must be reliable. And different kinds of work require different types of ladders. There are ladders for short maintenance work as well as those that have to ensure their users can work safely for longer durations. Likewise, there are ladders for working at great heights and those for lower heights.

Premium ladders that are compliant with standards
ZARGES ladders are characterised by their high-quality materials and sturdy design. Sturdy, durable and safe. Purchasing ZARGES ladders is a worthwhile long-term investment.

ZARGES also offers safety steps and work platforms in its wide range of products. All ZARGES ladders comply with the standard DIN EN131, and ZARGES step stools the standard DIN EN 14 183.